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Mackenzie Dern's accent has been something that has been largely talked about by MMA fans over the years.

In this page, we will show what she sounded like years ago, what she sounds like today, and the reason why this occurred.

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Dern's Accent Change Over the Years

Footage from 2010 can be seen of Dern speaking perfectly fluent English during an interview, and as the years passed she began developing a Brazilian accent while speaking English.

This caused MMA fans to immediately grow suspicious, and wonder why she has developed this mysterious accent.

Why Her Accent Developed

This can be explained very simply. Mackenzie Dern was born in Arizona and traveled back and forth to Brazil throughout her life.

Her father is Brazilian, as well as her step mom.

Her husband is also Brazilian, and due to all of this she has explained that Portuguese has become her primary language.

Although she is still fluent in English, being surrounded by her loved ones who all communicate daily with one another through Portuguese, has developed an accent while speaking English.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Dern addressed fan's concerns with her accent:

Yeah it’s so flattering (laughs). I haven’t seen this video and I won’t watch it you know but I’ve been asked about it you know. I think after my UFC fights they’ll pay more attention to my fight you know, but they’re paying so much attention to this it’s a compliment you know. They look at that but I want people to understand like this is me and who I am and you know. I think they will pass in a while.

You can watch the full interview with Ariel Helwani below:


Accent acquisition and reversion within adults is actually more common than you think.

A foreign person who spends years or even decades around other neighbors and co-workers with a different accent will inevitably rub off in some capacity.

However, that person can quickly regain their full accent with just a simple phone call or short period interaction with a family member, or someone with the same accent as them.

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