12 Best MMA Shin Guards For Comfort & Protection

Having shin guards that properly protect you can be the difference between your shins having a bruise or not the next day.

In this guide, we'll explain what the best MMA shin guards are, the pros and cons to each one, and what to look for when purchasing a shin guard.

1. Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards

Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards

We recommend the Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards for reliable protection and comfort during your MMA training sessions.


  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • High-density shock absorption foam for protection
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for a perfect fit


  • Slightly odd curve may cause it to stand out from the shin
  • May be bulky for those with smaller legs
  • May not be suitable for those with larger calf muscles

We recently tried out the Elite Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards and were impressed with the quality and protection they offered.

These shin guards have a durable construction, featuring adjustable straps at the top and calves, along with a foot strap, keeping them securely in place during sparring sessions.

The high-density shock absorption foam at the shin and feet provide excellent protection, taking the impact of kicks without causing discomfort.

We appreciated the adjustable Velcro straps and found that they help in achieving the desired fit, preventing the shin guards from sliding down during intense workouts.

However, during our testing, we noticed that the shin guards have an odd curve, which may cause them to stand out slightly from the shin rather than fitting snugly.

Additionally, for those with smaller legs, the guards might feel slightly bulky, and for those with larger calf muscles, the straps may potentially feel too tight.

2. Fairtex SP5 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex SP5 Shin Guards

We highly recommend these shin guards for their comfort, protection, and durability during intense MMA training.


  • Ergonomic design with articulated instep padding for maximum comfort
  • Secure and comfortable fit with elastic straps and Velcro closures
  • Enhances mobility and agility for improved performance


  • Bottom strap may cause discomfort for some users
  • May require a break-in period to prevent blisters
  • Smallest size may still be slightly large for some users

The Fairtex SP5 Muay Thai Shin Guards have truly impressed us with their overall design and functionality.

The articulated instep padding not only provides excellent protection, but also contours to your foot for maximum comfort during your training sessions.

We've noticed that our movements feel unrestricted and more agile, allowing for improved speed and performance.

The combination of elastic straps and Velcro closures ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

These shin guards stay in place and do not shift around, allowing you to focus on your training without having to constantly readjust your gear.

However, we noticed that the bottom strap might cause some discomfort around the ankle for certain users and would recommend using paper tape as a temporary solution until the pads are broken in to prevent any potential blisters.

In our experience, the smallest size available might still be slightly large for some users, but the overall quality and protection provided by these shin guards make them a worthwhile investment. The padding is thick and offers excellent protection to help avoid injuries such as shin splints during your training or sparring sessions.

As a versatile piece of equipment, the Fairtex SP5 Muay Thai Shin Guards can be used in various sports such as kickboxing, MMA, and fitness training.

Handmade in Thailand with premium, authentic leather, these shin guards truly live up to their reputation for quality and durability.

3. FIVING MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards

FIVING MMA Shin Guards

These shin guards are an excellent choice for any martial artist seeking comfortable, durable, and effective protection during training or sparring sessions.


  • Lightweight construction for improved mobility
  • High-quality faux leather material
  • Secure double Velcro fastening and elastic foot strap


  • May have wrinkles upon arrival
  • Thinner leather compared to some other brands
  • Sizing may be difficult for individuals with larger calves

We recently tried the FIVING MMA Martial Arts Shin Guards and were impressed by how lightweight they are.

The design and materials used in these shin guards allow for excellent mobility without compromising protection.

The faux leather feels durable and high-quality, contributing to the long-lasting nature of this equipment.

The double velcro fastening at the back and elastic foot strap ensure that the shin guards stay in place during intense training sessions. We appreciate the sense of security that these features provide.

Finally, sizing could be a potential issue for individuals with larger calves.

We recommend checking the sizing chart and customer reviews to better gauge the appropriate size for you.

4. Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards

Elite Sports Shin Guards

These Elite Sports shin guards offer great protection and comfort, making them an excellent choice for MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai practitioners.


  • Comfortable and adjustable fit
  • Lightweight with good mobility
  • Excellent protection with high-density foam padding


  • May shift slightly during intense sparring
  • Limited color options
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty professional use

We recently tried the Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing shin guards and found them to be an excellent option for those practicing martial arts.

The pre-curved design fits the natural curve of your shin, providing comfortable and adjustable support.

The secure closure system and stretchable strap ensure these shin guards stay in place during training sessions.

The lightweight construction of these shin guards allows for better mobility and speed.

Additionally, the high-density impact protection foam padding on the shinbone and instep ensures your legs are well protected and enhances shock absorption.

This makes the Elite Sports shin guards suitable for various martial arts disciplines like MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

One thing worth mentioning is that the shin guards may shift slightly during intense sparring sessions, requiring some readjustment.

Nevertheless, the overall performance and quality make these shin guards a great investment for martial arts practitioners of all skill levels.

These shin guards are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your gear remains fresh and free of any lingering odors.

The Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing shin guards are available in Large-X-Large size and come in an all-black color option.

5. Sanabul Essential Hybrid Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards S/M Black

Sanabul Shin Guards

You should consider purchasing these shin guards for their perfect blend of comfort and protection.


  • Comfortable fit with the feel of traditional kickboxing shin guards
  • Enhanced protection with high-impact foam
  • Neoprene slip-on design minimizes movement during training


  • Lower strap may feel too short for some users
  • Difficulty in taking off the shin guards
  • Possible durability issues with the fabric

Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards are designed to provide the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and protection.

We've found them to be as comfortable as MMA shin guards while offering the security and feel of traditional kickboxing or Muay Thai shin guards.

This makes them an excellent choice for sparring, whether you are practicing kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA.

The enhanced protection provided by the one-piece high-impact foam ensures your shins are well-protected during sparring.

The ergonomically contoured articulated in-step padding offers additional comfort and safety for your foot.

These shin guards are easy to use, thanks to the neoprene slip-on design with top leg fastener and proprietary mid-leg fastener.

This ensures a comfortable fit while minimizing shin guard movement during training.

6. Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex SP3 Shin Guards

These Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards are worth considering for martial arts enthusiasts seeking premium quality, comfort, and enhanced mobility.


  • High-quality Syntek Leather
  • Ergonomic design with instep padding
  • Adjustable elastic straps and Velcro closures


  • Might require a break-in period
  • Straps may not have foam lining
  • Size runs smaller; check sizing carefully

In our experience, the Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards offered a comfortable and secure fit, thanks to the articulated instep padding and adjustable straps. T

he high-impact foam provided excellent protection against injuries without restricting mobility. As a result, we could improve our speed and agility during training and sparring sessions.

Moreover, these shin guards showcase versatility by catering to various sports such as kickboxing, MMA, and fitness training.

Crafted in Thailand, the Muay Thai homeland, these handmade leg guards boast authentic and premium leather.

However, it's essential to note that these shin guards may require a break-in period before they feel entirely comfortable.

Additionally, the straps lack foam lining, which could be an issue for some users, and the sizing runs smaller than usual, so be sure to check the size guide before purchasing.

7. Combat Sports Washable MMA Elastic Cloth Shin & Instep Padded Guards

Combat Sports Washable Shin Guards

These Combat Sports MMA Shin Guards are a solid choice for providing reliable protection with the convenience of being machine-washable.


  • Machine-washable with removable foam padding
  • Comfortable compression material
  • Comes in various sizes


  • Can be difficult to remove when sweaty
  • Not the best stitching work
  • Provides slightly less protection compared to other guards

These Combat Sports Washable Slip-On Shin Instep Guards have been our go-to choice for MMA training for the past month.

The polyester blend material is comfortable and snug, providing a secure fit during heavy workouts. We appreciate the convenience of being able to remove the foam padding and machine wash the guards, keeping them clean and odor-free.

In terms of performance, they offer decent protection, although not as much as some more expensive guards. The compression material is a huge plus, as it hugs the legs and feet firmly, ensuring they stay in place during intense training sessions.

However, one downside we've noticed is that they can be difficult to remove once you've worked up a sweat.

A better design or material choice could potentially alleviate this issue.

Although the stitching on these shin guards could be better, they have held up well during our training sessions.

We didn't expect them to last as long as they have, but they've proven to be quite durable.

One thing to consider, though, is that wearing these guards conditions and strengthens your shins but does so at the cost of slightly less protection compared to other options.

8. RDX Shin Guards Kickboxing Muay Thai

RDX Shin Guards

These RDX Shin Guards are a reliable choice for MMA and kickboxing practitioners seeking durable and comfortable protection.


  • Upgraded impact dispersion for enhanced protection
  • Padding for shin conditioning
  • Sturdy Maya Hide leather construction


  • Sweat-wicking lining might not work effectively for all users
  • Straps may be too short for individuals with larger calves
  • Sizing may not be ideal for taller athletes

We recently tried out the RDX Shin Guards during our MMA and kickboxing training sessions and found them to be highly effective in providing protection and support.

The upgraded impact dispersion technology in these shin guards allowed us to practice comfortably without worrying about injuries caused by repeated hits.

The padding integrated into these shin guards is essential for shin conditioning, making them perfect for athletes of various disciplines, including BJJ, Karate, and Muay Thai.

The Maya Hide leather and nylon fabric construction ensured that our RDX shin guards were durable enough to withstand intense training sessions.

Although the QD-1 lining is designed to offer a sweat-free experience, some of us experienced slight discomfort due to sweat accumulation.

However, this did not affect the overall performance of the shin guards.

We also noticed that the straps were a bit short for those with larger calves.

This might cause issues with securing the shin guards properly during training.

With that being said the RDX Shin Guards offer solid leg protection and durability for MMA and kickboxing practitioners seeking supportive gear.

9. Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards for Kids

Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards for Kids

We highly recommend the Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards for kids, offering peak performance, comfort, and protection for children aged 4 to 8 years.


  • Perfect fit and luxurious comfort
  • Increased mobility and peak performance
  • Wide variety of colors and styles


  • May run large for some children
  • Might be too small for larger kids
  • Needs adjustment for secure fit during training

Elite Sports shin guards for boys and girls provide an exceptional combination of perfect fit and luxurious comfort for young MMA enthusiasts.

These pre-curved shin guards align with the natural shape of the shin, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for any child. With stretchable grips and straps, these shin guards can easily adjust to a wide range of leg sizes and stay securely in place during even the most intense training sessions.

The increased foam padding on these shin guards allows for better protection for the shinbone and instep guard, allowing for increased mobility and agility during practice.

As a result, they enable young fighters to achieve peak performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Additionally, the variety of styles and colors ensures that kids can find shin guards that match their personal preferences and express their unique personalities.

Despite the numerous benefits these shin guards provide, some users may find them too large or small for their child's legs.

However, the adjustable straps and grip can help to customize the fit to a certain extent. Ensuring the proper fit is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and effective training experience for young fighters.

To sum up, the Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards are an excellent investment for children looking to participate in martial arts training.

Their luxurious comfort, peak performance, and stylish design make them a top choice for young fighters looking to stay protected and comfortable during practice.

10. Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards Large Black

Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards

Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards are a reliable choice for beginners and experienced fighters alike, offering optimum protection and comfort during training and sparring sessions.


  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • High-density foam padding for enhanced shock absorption
  • Lightweight design with unrestricted mobility


  • Velcro straps may wear out over time
  • Shin padding may not be sufficient for heavy kick checks
  • Sizing can be tricky for some individuals

After using the Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards, we immediately noticed the excellent fit and support they provided.

The lightweight design allowed for easy movement and quick response during sparring.

The synthetic leather not only contributes to their durability but also gives them a sleek appearance.

The high-density foam padding, combined with additional padding across the shin and instep, offers enhanced shock absorption.

This feature is essential for reducing the impact of kicks and minimizing the risk of injury during training sessions.

However, we found that the shin padding might not be sufficient for heavy kick checks, so it's essential to be cautious when practicing with powerful strikers.

One potential issue with the Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards is the wear and tear on the Velcro straps.

While they allowed for a secure, customized fit, it may become less reliable over time with repeated use.

11. BeSmart Kids and Adults Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Shin Guards

BeSmart Shin Guards

BeSmart Shin Guards are a solid choice for any fighter looking for protection, comfort, and functionality in their MMA gear.


  • Excellent combined protection and functionality
  • Dri-Fit moisture-management technology keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Available in various sizes for kids, youth, men, and women


  • Lacks the traditional MMA or Thai style shin guard design
  • Material may feel too flexible for some users
  • Machine washable, but may require extra care for moisture and odor management

As someone who enjoys practicing martial arts, we found the BeSmart Muay Thai Shin Guards very useful during our training sessions.

They offer a great balance between protection and functionality, as the High Density EVA foam padding protects the shin from crucial bone and muscle damage while allowing us to move with ease.

The Dri-Fit moisture-management technology is another added bonus, as it helps wick away sweat and keep you dry and comfortable.

12. Sanabul Essential Hook and Loop Strap Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards

Sanabul Essential Shin Guards

The Sanabul Essential Hook and Loop Strap Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards are a solid option for both beginners and experienced fighters, providing good protection and comfort at an affordable price.


  • Professional gear at a great value
  • Suitable for various combat sports
  • Secure hook and loop closure system


  • Some users report issues with strap sizing
  • Stitching quality can vary
  • Insole padding may be too thin for some

As avid practitioners of various martial arts, we understand the importance of reliable and comfortable shin guards.

Sanabul has designed their Essential Hook and Loop Strap Kickboxing MMA Shin Guards to cater to both beginners and experienced fighters.

These shin guards offer excellent protection and sport a stylish, vivid design that stands out in the gym.

The hook and loop closure system ensures a secure fit, even during intense training and sparring sessions.

Our experience with these shin guards has shown that they are suitable for various combat sports, including MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

The padding is thick enough to withstand heavy kicks, yet comfortable enough for extended use. Sanabul has definitely achieved a balance between protection and comfort, and the gear has been tested and approved by professional fighters like Alan Jouban and Sean “Sugar” O’Malley.

Buying the Right Shin Guards For You

When it comes to choosing the best MMA shin guards, there are several factors to consider. 

Material and Durability

The material plays a significant role in the durability and protection provided by the shin guards.

Look for high-quality materials, such as synthetic leather, genuine leather, or neoprene.

These materials are reliable, easy to clean, and can offer a longer lifespan.

Padding and Protection

The primary purpose of MMA shin guards is to protect your shins from injury. Therefore, adequate padding is crucial.

Look for shin guards that offer good shock absorption and protection, without hindering your mobility. Thicker padding might be ideal for heavy sparring, while thinner padding could work for lighter training sessions.

Size and Fit

MMA shin guards come in various sizes, so it's essential to find a pair that fits comfortably and securely. Measure your shin length and use the manufacturer's sizing chart to determine the best size for you.

Fully adjustable straps and closures can significantly improve the fit and prevent the guards from slipping during training.

Comfort and Mobility

Comfort is key to perform at your best during training or sparring sessions. An ergonomic design that conforms to the shape of your leg is highly recommended.

Additionally, breathable materials or moisture-wicking linings can help keep your legs dry and comfortable during intense sessions.

Price and Quality

Finally, consider the price and quality of the shin guards. While more expensive options might offer better protection and durability, it's essential not to overlook budget-friendly options that can still provide adequate protection.

Always weigh the shin guards' features and quality against their price to find the best product for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most suitable shin guards for a beginner?

As beginners, it's important to choose shin guards that provide adequate protection without compromising comfort. We recommend looking for shin guards with good padding, adjustable straps, and a secure fit. Some great options for beginners include RDX, Venum's Challenger, and Top King.

How do I determine the right size for my MMA shin guards?

To find the right size for your MMA shin guards, measure the length of your shin from just below the kneecap to the top of your ankle. Then, refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart to match your measurement with the recommended size. Remember, a proper fit is crucial for both comfort and protection.

Which brands offer the highest quality shin guards for different martial arts?

Some top brands that offer high-quality shin guards for various martial arts include Hayabusa, Fairtex, Venum, RDX, and Top King. Each of these brands is known for their durability, comfort, and protection, offering products suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, and other combat sports.

How do I choose the most appropriate shin guards for Muay Thai practice?

When choosing shin guards for Muay Thai, prioritize good padding, a secure fit, and ample coverage. Muay Thai shin guards tend to have thicker padding compared to MMA shin guards, as they need to protect from powerful kicks. Look for shin guards that cover the entire shin, ankle, and instep to provide maximum protection during training.

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