Power Slap League: Everything You Need to Know

The emergence of the Power Slap League has caused a ton of buzz, both positive and negative.

In this page, we will explain what it is, what the rules are, and how this league was created.

What is the Power Slap League?

The Power Slap League is a league that was create by UFC President Dana White. It consists of two opponents facing each other, and each opponent will get a chance to open-hand slap the other.

power slap league

Rules & How the Match Starts

  • Coin flip to determine who goes first
  • Maximum of 3 rounds
  • Each round is scored on a 10-9 system
  • Each opponent must stand in their 'zone' with their feet parallel
  • Opponents must use an open-hand slap
  • The slap must be below the eye, but above the chin
  • The entire hand must make contact at the same time
  • The person receiving the slap cannot flinch, tuck their chin, or raise their shoulder
  • The person receiving the slap must have their hands behind their back (typically holding a Power Slap cylinder)
  • There are two staff members behind each participant to catch them in the event that they fall


Before the Match

Before the match begins, a coin flip takes place to determine which opponent will deliver the first slap.

There is a maximum of 3 rounds, but the match could end before that if an opponent is unable to continue.

Both opponents must be in their zones, and their feet may never leave the ground.

Match Begins

When the match begins, the person who will deliver the slap has 30 seconds to do so.

Before the strike, the person delivering the slap will inform the ref which hand they will slap with and how many 'Wind ups' (aka when they slowly aim with their hand) they're going to do.

The open-hand slap cannot lead with the palm, which means the entire hand must make contact at the same time.

After an opponent is slapped, they have 30 seconds to recover and 'Get back into fighting position'.




If an opponent doesn't follow the rules, they may be issued a warning, a point deduction, or even disqualification depending on the severity of the penalty.

Judges Decision

If the match lasts all three rounds, the winner will be based on the judges scorecard decision.

The round will be awarded to the Slap Fighter who delivers the most damage.

This is a similar scoring system that is used in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Weight Classes

Power Slap also features weight classes including:

  • Welterweight (170 lbs)
  • Middleweight (185 lbs)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
  • Heavyweight (265 lbs maximum)

Where Can I Watch Power Slap?

In the United States, on TBS & Sling TV. Outside of the United States on Rumble & UFC Fight Pass.

Why Power Slap is Controversial

Although Dana White would label this as the 'Ultimate test of toughness', many other people have said otherwise.

Lack of Defending

The main reason why Power Slap is controversial is due to the participants not being able to defend themselves.

In MMA & Boxing, fighters can use their hands to block strikes, as well as 'Roll' with the punches.

Rolling with a punch means that if your opponent is throwing a strike towards you, you lean your body and/or head with the strike, to limit the amount damage you will take.

White's Slap Incident

Dana White would be filmed on New Year's Eve, (a few weeks before the debut of the Power Slap League) with a slap incident of his own.

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