When Did Dana White Buy the UFC? | Easily Explained

Dana White is most famous for having been the president of the UFC for the last two decades.

Many fans wonder, when did Dana White buy the UFC?

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When Did Dana White Buy the UFC?

Dana White didn't originally purchase the UFC, the Fertitta brothers, Frank and Lorenzo purchased the UFC for $2 million. They would later state that at the time, they would simply inherit a UFC name and an octagon. However as the UFC would progress, Dana White would eventually be given ownership and own 9% of the UFC.

when did dana white buy the ufc

White became president of the UFC in 2001, and the UFC sold in 2016, which means White became a UFC owner at some point in those 15 years.

Dana White's stake was essentially considered sweat equity, after years of hard work, as well as to keep White motivated as he would be incentivized as the company continued to grow.

White Cashes Out

In 2001, when the UFC was purchased for $2 million, if White already had a 9% ownership stake, he had about $180,000 in value.

By 2016, when the UFC sold for $4.2 billion, his 9% stake had increased to about $378 million.

Additionally, a few years later White would sign a 7 year contract with the UFC, that would keep him as president of the organization.

Dana White has a yearly salary of $20 million.

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