What is Sydney Sweeney's MMA Record? | Explained

In this page we will cover what Sydney Sweeney's MMA record is, along with what martial arts experience he has.

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Sydney Sweeney's MMA Record

Sydney Sweeney's MMA record is 0-0 as she has never officially fought in Mixed Martial arts. However, she began training Mixed Martial Arts at the age of 14, and would even receive training under Ronda Rousey's sensei.

girl mma striking

In this same interview with Kelly Clarkson, Sweeney would explain that although she has a lot of interest in passion in martial arts, her contract doesn't allow her to do certain physical activities.

The reason for this is presumably to prevent any injuries (mostly superficial) that could affect her acting roles.

This decision has seemingly paid off as she has had a massive breakthrough, most recently in her role as Cassie Howard, in the HBO drama teen series, Euphoria.

Sweeney's MMA Training

Sweeney would mention that she has previously entered a grappling competition with all males, in a heavier weight class, and came out in first place.

Although she isn't allowed to actually compete in any martial arts, Sweeney has recently posted footage of her training MMA techniques on Instagram.

In the below post, you can see Sweeney beginning the video by doing elevated sit ups, and working on jab crosses at the highest point of the exercise.

It would then be followed by working on her uppercuts against padded mitts, to then working on actual striking combinations.

Lastly, the video shows her training her teep kicks, and finishing with a triangle choke.

Unlike most Hollywood stars, Sweeney seems to have legitimate martial arts skills, which is most evident by her boxing and grappling abilities.

While striking she seems smooth, with solid fundamentals, and always keeps her non-striking hand up close to her face while striking.

Her grappling game seems to be where she's most comfortable, as she flawlessly is able to transition into submissions from her back.

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