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If you've ever seen a record such as 32-11-1, and wondered 'What does that even mean?'. You're not the only one.

In this page, we'll go explain exactly how to read UFC records, and what each number and letter stands for.

    How to Read UFC Records

    Nick Diaz currently has a record of 26-10-0 and 2NC. The first number (26) is the number of wins, the second number (10) is the number of losses, and the third number (0) is the number of ties.

    nick diaz record

    The last number stands for No Contest

    The letters 'NC' on a fighter's record means it is a 'No Contest'.

    A No Contest means that no fighter won, lost, or drew in the fight.

    The most common situations when it occurs include:

    • Fighters testing positive for banned substances (steroids) after the fight
    • An accidental injury where the fighter can no longer continue
    • Cage problems out of the control of the fighter. Marc Goddard famously stopped and ruled a fight an NC after there was so much blood on the cage that it was extremely slippery, to the point where the fighters could barely punch without slipping, and much less stand-up.

    How Do Records Work in the UFC?

    After a fight has concluded, whether it was by stoppage or the judge's decision, once the announcer has read the card solidifying how the fight ended, the records of the fighters will be updated.

    When Nick Diaz lost his last fight, his record was immediately updated to reflect that lost.

    When No Contests occur from failed drug tests weeks or months later, there will be a chance for a fighter to appeal the drug test result.

    After the appeal is finished (or if the fighter decides not to appeal), the no contest will be updated on the fighter's record.

    How Do UFC Scores Work?

    In simple terms, the UFC uses are 10-point scoring system.

    The winner of each round will receive 10 points, and the loser can receive 9 points, or if he was completely dominated in that round/was almost finished, the losing fighter of that round can receive 8 points or even 7 points for that round.

    This 10-point scoring system occurs every round, and if the fight goes to the distance (the entire fight), it will go to a judge's decision.

    This is when the announcer will read off the judge's scores, and whoever had the most points by the end of the fight, will win the fight.

    If both fighters have the same amount of points, it will be a draw.

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