Have UFC Double Knockouts Occurred? | Explained

In this page, we will cover what a double knock out is, whether there have been any double knockouts in the UFC, and if there have been double knockouts that almost happened.

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What is a Double Knock Out?

A double knockout is where both fighters become unconscious, or unable to fight simultaneously.

This can occur via strikes or take downs, but it is most common when both fighters land a perfect punch on each other at the same time.

When a double knockout occurs, the fight is ruled as a 'No Contest'.

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Has a Double Knockout Occurred in the UFC?

A double knockout has occurred several times in the UFC, but it was only ruled correctly once.

Gray Maynard vs Robert Emerson

Maynard would double leg Emerson off of his feet and hold him up in the air before slamming him down on the canvas.

From this slam, Emerson would tap due to a rib injury.

However, Maynard's head would slam directly on the canvas, and knock him out as well.

Neither fighter would be able to continue, and the referee waved the fight off and it was ruled a No Contest.

Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton

Similarly to the Maynard fight, this double knockout would be caused by a slam.

Newton would have a triangle choke locked in on Hughes, and Hughes would respond by lifting him up and holding him against the top of the cage.

Hughes would then slam him down on the canvas, resulting in Newton becoming unconscious.

However, during the actual slam, Hughes would be choked out and go to sleep. However, due to him being on top of his opponent, and appearing to be somewhat awake, he would be awarded the win via knockout.

Double Knockouts Outside of the UFC

In Shamrock FC 85, a double knockout occurred between Axel Cazares and Alan Vasquez.

Both fighters would land a knockout punch to the head simultaneously, which would leave them temporarily incapacitated.

However, Vasquez would be the first one to get up, declaring him the winner of the contest.

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