5 Fighters Who Got Kicked Out of UFC | Explained

Most of the time, the UFC will only get rid of fighters if they are losing consistently, aren't a draw, or their contracts have expired.

However, there have been extreme cases where fighters have been kicked out of the UFC due to their actions.

In this page, we will explain who got kicked out of the UFC and why.

Table of Contents

  1. Rousimar Palhares
  2. Paul Daley
  3. Matt Riddle
  4. Ottman Azaitar
  5. Thiago Silva

1. Rousimar Palhares

Rousimar Palhares is a fighter who is most famous for his amazing Jiu Jitsu abilities, as well as not letting go of the submission even after his opponents have tapped.

Palhares would eventually get cut from the UFC for holding the submissions long after his opponents would tap, and even hold on to it as the referee is trying to stop him.

This was extremely unsafe for the sport, and caused additional damage to his opponents.

In fact, even after his UFC stint, Palhares would inexplicably keep holding onto submissions.

Against Jake Shields, he would secure a kimura, which Shields would tap to immediately.

Palhares would keep on extending the lock, even after the tap, and even after the referee was yelling at him to stop.

Palhares would later be suspended two years, and fined $40,000 by the Nevada State Athletic commission for this incident.

2. Paul Daley

Paul Daley is known for his tremendous striking ability, particular with his hands, and amazing durability.

However, in his fight vs Josh Koscheck at UFC 113, Daley would lose via a unanimous decision.

It should be stated that both men hated each other, and there was high tension leading up to the fight.

Seconds after the fight being over, Daley would sucker punch Koscheck, despite the fight already being over.

The referee Dan Miragliotta, would immediately restrain Daley against the cage, and the commentators and crowd would both be stunned.

Dana White would cut Daley from the promotion after the fight.

White would state that Daley would never fight in the UFC again, and that proved to be true.

Daley would fight in several different promotions through the rest of his career, but would never re-join the UFC.

3. Matt Riddle

Now known as WWE Superstar, Matt Riddle, Riddle was also a UFC fighter in his younger years.

Riddle would actually accumulate a 4 fight win-streak, but would fail drug tests due to marijuana.

Two of his wins would then later be overturned to a No Contest.

After his second failed drug test, Dana White would release Matt Riddle from the promotion.

White would go on an interview with Fox Sports and say:

The reason why he's not in the UFC anymore is because HE COULD NOT PASS HIS DRUG TEST

During this interview, White would explain how much Riddle made, and address some of Riddle's claims that he wasn't treated fairly.

4. Ottman Azaitar

Ottman Azaitar had one of the most unique cases of being cut from the UFC, as it was during the COVID-19 lock-down era.

The UFC was the first sports organization to come back and hold events, but leading up to that, they were fighting in a 'bubble'.

The bubble was in Fight Island, and it was known as a bubble as only authorized coaches, fighters, trainers, nutritionists and staff members were allowed.

This was due primarily to fighter safety, and to prevent any outbreaks of the virus.

In this bubble, Azaitar would bring in an unauthorized guest inside of the bubble, and as White explained:

“He and his team cut off their wrist bands, gave them to somebody outside the bubble, I don’t know how they even did it,” White said. “That guy taped them, showed up here with a bag, went into a room, shimmied across four balconies, went in his room dropped the bag off, changed his clothes, and then left.

“Now when security tried to stop him, he wouldn’t stop, either way, and yeah, it’s just... he’s gone. He’s no longer a UFC fighter and he’s not fighting tonight.”

Luckily for Azaitar, about a month later, the UFC would decide to reverse course, and keep him on the UFC roster after all.

5. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva would run into serious legal and personal troubles, as he would end up on a several hour stand off against the SWAT team.

This was due to Silva allegedly threatening people at a Jiu Jitsu studio, and his wife with a weapon.

Eventually Silva surrendered to the SWAT team, and after his arrest, Dana White would say that Silva would never fight in the UFC again.

All of the charges were eventually dropped.

Silva would fight in several other promotions throughout the rest of his career, but would never return to the UFC.

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