Why Does Nate Diaz Hate Jon Anik? | Easily Explained

Nate Diaz is known for being one of the few fighters in Mixed Martial Arts that has stayed his true, authentic self from the beginning of his career, to after he achieved financial success.

Due to this, many fans love him or hate him, and at some point he had a back and forth conversation on Twitter with Jon Anik.

But why does Nate Diaz hate Jon Anik? In this page, we will explain.

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Why Does Nate Diaz Hate Jon Anik?

Nate Diaz doesn't actually hate Jon Anik he did have a choice of words for him. This is due to the lead up to Diaz's fight with McGregor, where Anik would say on the Florian podcast that he didn't think Diaz would win the fight. He went on to say that he'd get a 209 tattoo if Diaz pulled the win off.

tattoo machine

The number 209 is the Stockton area code, the city that both Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz are from and always represent.

Diaz would catch wind of this and three days before the fight, respond to Anik, letting him know that he should keep his own opinions to himself.

Diaz Shocks the World

In UFC 196, Nate Diaz would pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the UFC, by defeating Conor McGregor via Rear Naked choke in the second round.

After his fight, Joe Rogan would interview Diaz and say "Nate Diaz, you just shook up the world. How's that feel?"

To which Diaz would respond in classic Diaz fashion:

I'm not surprised mother*******

Diaz Calls Out Anik About the 209 Tattoo

During the post-fight conference, Diaz would grab the microphone and say:

Yo yo, Jon Anik better get a (expletive) 209 tattoo or I'm going to whoop his little ass

Anik being the true sportsman that he is would respond rather quickly on Twitter, that he's actively looking for the finest tattoo artist in South Florida.


A few days after this tweet, Anik would post on Instagram a picture of his forearm with the now-famous 209 tattoo.



This rare bet involving a UFC commentator vs UFC fighter was very entertaining to watch, and was the frosting on the cake to one of the most lucrative Pay Per View events in the history of the company.

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