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Nate Diaz is known for being one of the most authentic fighters in the world, as well as having a granite chin.

But, has Nate Diaz ever been knocked out?

In this page, we will explain.

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Has Nate Diaz Ever Been Knocked Out?

Although Nate Diaz has 2 TKO's on his record, he has only actually been TKO'd once in his entire career by Josh Thompson in 2013.

Diaz would lean into a head kick, and Thomson would capitalize on the damage with punches to end the fight.

The second TKO on his record against Jorge Masvidal would be due to a doctor's stoppage from a cut, rather than him actually getting TKO'd.

doctor stoppage ufc

Unmotivated Diaz in 2013

Thomson had a fantastic performance against Diaz, did exactly what he needed to do to get the win, and nothing should be taken away from him.

However, it's important to point out that times were a lot different in the UFC in 2013, as Diaz wasn't seen as a 'needle-mover', and was being paid as such.

Diaz would only bring in $15,000 for his fight against Josh Thomson, and Diaz would reportedly be very unmotivated for his fights at that time due to his lack of pay on his current UFC contract.

Nobody knows him better than his brother Nick Diaz, and it was very telling that the older Diaz (who was the only Diaz to have become a superstar at that point), would throw in the towel during that fight.

For the next few years, the younger Diaz would be in a constant battle with the UFC for a higher pay.

Diaz Becomes a Superstar

When Nate Diaz finally became a superstar after defeating Conor McGregor on 11 days notice, his pay finally reached the bracket that he was looking for.

Diaz's chin would immediately be tested as he would eat some tremendous shots from Conor McGregor in the rematch, some brutal shots from Jorge Masvidal, and countless significant strikes from Leon Edwards.

However, Nate Diaz's granite chin would once again pass the test, as although he would be dropped at times, he would recover quickly and get back up.

Nobody has been able to turn the lights off completely with a knock out.

It's truly mind blowing how some shots that would put any other fighter out, seemingly doesn't even faze Diaz when he is hit by them.

Hopefully one day, doctors can study the chins of the Diaz brothers so we can finally figure out how they do it.

The End of the Nate Diaz in the UFC Era

In his final UFC fight, the younger Diaz would finish the fight in style, handing Tony Ferguson his first submission loss in the UFC.

Diaz would submit him with a guillotine, after a back and forth stand up battle the majority of the fight.

That wasn't the craziest part of the night however, as Diaz would get this finish with 2:09 left on the clock.

The number 209 of course, is the area code for Stockton, a number that the Stockton-native Diaz brothers made famous.

This number and can even be found on the arm of UFC commentator Jon Anik, as he would get 209 tattooed on his arm after a failed bet.

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