Why is Joe Rogan Not on the UFC Card? | Easily Explained

Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan was removed from UFC 271 days before the event.

This left many MMA fans wondering "Why is Joe Rogan not on the UFC card?".

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Why is Joe Rogan Not on the UFC card?

Initial Report

The initial report was that Rogan would not make it to UFC 271 due to a "Scheduling Conflict".

However, that reasoning would be called into question as during the broadcast, Jon Anik would say that Rogan has texted him and "believed that Israel Adesanya's hand was hurt or broken".

Dana White Clarifies

Later on, Dana White would be asked about Joe Rogan's absence of the event, and White would state that Rogan did not have a scheduling conflict.

“There’s no conflict of schedule. Joe Rogan didn’t work tonight. Joe Rogan could have worked tonight,” White said.

According to White, Rogan elected not to work the UFC 271 event.

“I don’t know what Joe Rogan had to do. You guys will have to ask Joe Rogan, but there was no Joe couldn’t work, or anything like that. I know that came out. It’s total bull****,” White said.

“Whenever he’s going to work again, he’ll be working.”

Free Joe Rogan Chants

During the UFC 271 event, fans would chant "Free Joe Rogan".



Rogan Returns to Commentate

Rogan's hiatus would be short-lived, as he would return on the next Pay Per View at UFC 272 where once long-time friends, and now rivals Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal would face off.

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