What to Wear to Muay Thai Class | Know Before You Go

Getting ready for your first Muay Thai class can become stressful, but it doesn't have to be.

In this page, we will cover what to wear to Muay Thai class on your first day, explain a checklist of items to bring, and what to avoid bringing.

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What Should I Wear On My First Day of Muay Thai?

On your first day of Muay Thai, you'll see students wearing a wide range of things that you may not have, and that's okay. You can simply wear an athletic T-shirt and running shorts with no pockets.


mens athletic short tshirt


mma shorts without pockets

These clothes will properly equip you to do all of the physical activities without being restricted and to be able to properly deal with sweat.

If possible, you'll want to make sure that your shirt is a tighter fit, almost skin tight, to eliminate limbs getting caught on a longer shirt, when throwing strikes.

Muay Thai Gloves and Shin Guards

A large part of practicing Muay Thai is using the correct safety equipment of heavy gloves, and shin guards.

For your first class, you'll want to ask ahead of time if they have any extra gloves that you may use for that session.

Be aware that if they do, there's a good chance that they're stinky (as you're not the only one that will have used them).

If they don't have one for you, you'll want to be prepared and bring your own.

Our Choice of Muay Thai Gloves

Our favorite Muay Thai gloves the Revgear Muay Thai Gloves, as they're:

  • High quality
  • Have plenty of padding to protect your hands
  • Very durable
  • Have the necessary space to use hand wraps
  • Can also use for Boxing

We've used many Muay Thai gloves over the years, and this is the one that has proven to be the most reliable.

revgear muay thai gloves front

These gloves can be used when drilling with mitts, heavy bags, and even partners.

revgear muay thai gloves back

Our Favorite Muay Thai Shin Guards

Are also from the Revgear brand, the Revgeard Defender Gel Heavy Hitter Shin Guards.

These shin guards will allow you to check kicks with confidence, as they do a great job protecting your shins while allowing you to maintain a full range of mobility.

revgear muay thai shin guards front

They're heavy-duty shin guards, which means they will last a long time, even when you train very hard.

One of the underrated features of these shin guards is that they have padding on both of the straps.

This additional padding prevents you from getting uncomfortable lines (and possible rashes) on the back of your legs after training.

revgear muay thai shin guards back

Why Shorts Without Pockets

The reason that you want to avoid pockets is due to the risk of the pocket catching someone's fingers or toes when throwing strikes.

If you've ever accidentally grazed your finger by the pocket, where it briefly becomes stuck inside the pocket, you'll know it's extremely painful.

Checklist of Items to Bring

  • Athletic Shirt
  • Athletic Short without pockets
  • Heavy Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Spare change of clothes

The towel and a spare change of clothes aren't necessary, but ultimately come down to preference.

Muay Thai is one of the most cardio-filled sports in the world, which means that you're almost guaranteed to sweat.

A towel can come in handy, as you can quickly wipe off the excess sweat before resuming your training.

When you're sweaty after practice ends, chances are that you still have to get in the car to drive back home.

By bringing an extra pair of clothes, you can quickly change into a new shirt/shorts, to prevent stinking up your car.

Everyone Had Had Their First Day

Although you may feel out of place wearing 'Normal clothes' next to everybody else, you'll realize that every single person in that room has also needed to take their first class.

The instructor and other Muay Thai students will all be understanding, will do their best to help you, and make sure that everything is explained at a pace that you can follow.

What to Avoid Bringing to Muay Thai

You'll want to avoid wearing:

  • Any type of Jewelry such as a watch, chains, or even hairbands (on the arms)
  • Shorts with any type of zipper or pockets

Additionally, you'll want to ensure that you're practicing good hygiene and are wearing deodorant, covering up any scabs, your clothes are cleanly washed, and that you are showing up clean to the practice in general.

Nobody wants to partner with someone who practices bad hygiene, and it's very quick to spot those people in a striking environment, as you'll be within inches of other students at times.

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