What Do Wrestlers Wear Under Singlets? | Explained

In this page we will cover exactly what wrestlers wear under their singlets, how tight a wrestling singlet should be, and how the singlet is transitioning out of wrestling.

What Do Wrestler Wear Under Singlets


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What Do Wrestlers Wear Under Singlets?

Wrestlers normally wear compression shorts, boxer briefs, and cups underneath their singlets. Singlets fit skin-tight, which does not allow for much room to wear anything else underneath the singlet. Singlets are designed to be as thin as possible to mimic nakedness.

wrestling takedown

This allows for wrestlers to be able to wrestle without having to worry about being grabbed by their clothes. Wrestlers will need to perform real grips, moves, and shots in order to win a match.

On the other hand, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, practitioners wear the Gi which can be grabbed onto and used against one another to perform sweeps, grips and chokes.

How Tight Should a Wrestling Singlet Be?

A wrestling singlet should be skin tight, however the wrestler should still feel comfortable moving around. It should not be so tight to the point where the wrestler's range of motion is restricted.

There should be minimal to no loose area when the single is on, as this will give an opponent the opportunity to grab on to the fabric to their advantage.


What is a Wrestling Singlet?

A wrestling singlet is a unique, skin-tight, elastic, one-piece that is worn as a uniform by amateur & professional wrestlers. It is designed to be as skin tight in order to not be 'grabbable', and elastic in order for wrestlers to still be able to perform all of their moves.

The Future of Singlets in Wrestling

Do You Have to Wear a Singlet in Wrestling?

Currently in order to participate in wrestling matches, wrestlers must wear singlets. However, in recent years there has been overwhelming support for wrestlers to ditch the singlets, and use an alternative uniform that is less revealing.

The alternative option is to have a two piece uniform, extremely similar to what is used in No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (successfully).


Coaches have mentioned that the singlet is a barrier to entry into the sport for the younger generations, as the kids & teens are turned off to the thought of having to wear the singlet.

They go on to mention that this is very prominent in teens as they're still maturing, growing into their bodies, and concerned with their body image.

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