What Are Jake Paul's Boxing Shorts? | Explained

Jake Paul's Boxing Shorts created an internet frenzy, as seemingly everyone had an opinion on it.

In this page, we'll go over what his boxing shorts were made out of, and what made them so unique.

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Jake Paul's Boxing Shorts - Explained

LED Lights

Paul's orange and brown Cleveland themed-shorts also had multiple LED lights, on the front, sides and back of his shorts.

The LED lights were positioned at the very top of the shorts, in perfect view to be seen from all angles.

With those LED lights, his own name 'Jake Paul' would make an appearance moving from left to right in an infinite loop.

It Was Meant to Change Throughout the Fight

Interestingly enough, what was said on the LED light on Jake's shorts were actually supposed to change throughout the fight.

His team explained that they were controlling the LED lights through a smartphone using Bluetooth, and they were planning on changing the text as the night went on.

However, their phone lost Bluetooth connectivity with Paul's shorts because of all the people using the Wi-Fi inside Cleveland's Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Multiple Stars

On his orange shorts, the second aspect that you'll notice after the LED lights, are the multiple stars located on the front and side of his shorts, both horizontal and vertically.

These stars were inspired by the Ohio state flag, as the Ohio native was fighting in his home state.

Orange and Brown

These extremely bright and almost glittery shorts have the finishing 'orange and brown' touch, to represent Ohio's true colors.

The Cleveland Browns famously sports these colors, and Paul made sure to wisely represent his home state with this.

How Much Did Jake Paul's Boxing Shorts Cost?

According to Jake Paul, his boxing shorts in total cost about $15,000. When you compare it to his purse earned that night ($2 million), is peanuts, and well worth the publicity that it brought him.

Does Jake Paul Fight Real Boxers?

To date the answer to that question is no.

However, there's a reason why Jake Paul doesn't fight Professional Boxers.

In his boxing career, he has fought a YouTuber, a professional Basketball player, and two UFC fighters past their prime (both wrestlers).

He will however be fighting Tommy Fury (7-0) in his next fight, who is an actual boxer, and the half-brother of Tyson Fury.

However, make no mistake about it..

Jake Paul does have boxing skills that are improving in every bout.

That's not to say that he will ever be a top boxer in the world, but he has legitimate knock out power.

Additionally, he showed great composure when he went the distance vs Tyron Woodley.

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