What Happened to Andrei Arlovski's Nose? | Explained

Andrei Arlovski's nose has been a large topic of conversation over the years, due to what it looked like.

In this page we will explain what happened to Andrei Arlovski's nose, and how he was able to fix it.

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What Happened to Andrei Arlovski's Nose?

After 20+ years of fighting heavyweights, his nose has been broken repeatedly over the years. Andrei Arlovski is an absolute ironman. His first appearance in the UFC was in UFC 28 in the year 2000. The ageless wonder has still been able to win two fights in the UFC 22 years later in the year 2022.

Unfortunately for Arlovski, his nose has been spotted as completely crooked in several interviews over the years.

Even MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani (Who is also known for his own nose) would ask Arlovski what was going on with his nose, only to have Arlovski quickly fire back:

Who talking about nose, look at your nose

Which immediately prompted laughter from Helwani.

First Known Nose Break

Arlovski's first known nose break was when he was knocked out by Pedro Rizzo in his third UFC fight.

However, Arlovski would say that nobody ever broke his nose in a fight, and that it occurred from a 'Stupid situation' at a restaurant.

In a sport where fighters get punched in the face for a living, once a nose has been broken, it's very easy to re-break it.

This is something that has not only happened to him but other fighters such as Rory MacDonald and Mike Perry.

Fixing the Nose During MMA Career

Additionally, fighters are in a tough situation when it comes to surgically fixing their nose.

They have two options:

  1. Fix the nose and be out for an extended period of time, only to risk re-breaking it in their next fight
  2. Don't surgically fix the nose, and have a doctor realign the nose manually without surgery, and risk not breathing properly

Arlovski would get his nose fixed during his career, so the crooked nose is no-more.

You can also see what Arlovski's nose looked like in his earlier years, in this Fighter Timeline video that the UFC created.

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