Why Were Marvin Vettori's Shorts Backwards? | Explained

Marvin Vettori is one the elite Middleweight prospects in MMA, but he is also one unique individual.

Ahead of UFC 263 for his rematch vs Israel Adesanya, Vettori would be posing in a photo shoot, but his shorts would be backwards.

In this page, we will explain how this happened, Vettori's other funny actions through the years, and how the internet reacted.

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Why Were Marvin Vettori's Shorts Backwards?

Marvin Vettori would wear the right type of MMA shorts, but in the wrong position, as he accidentally wore them backwards ahead of UFC 263, and not one person decided to let him know.

Unluckily for Vettori, he would be pictured wearing his shorts the wrong way ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

marvin vettori backwards shorts

However, luckily for us, Vettori would add yet another hilarious act for fans to gobble up.

Vettori has yet to directly address this shorts controversy.

Vettori's Funny Acts Through the Years

Aside from wearing his shorts the wrong way, and taking a picture in them with his fight-face on, Vettori has given fans plenty of other entertaining acts.

Vettori Wants to Eat Adesanya

In pre-fight interviews, fighters are typically asked about their own mannerisms, and how they feel about their opponent's skills, and in opponent in general.

In an interview, Vettori was asked about where his intensity came from, and in true Vettori fashion, he'd say:

"I want to eat him with my eyes when I see him. I want to look through his soul and just eat him; just tame this motherf*****, that's what I want to do. I want to eat him alive."

Darren Till Memes Vettori

Several years ago, Vettori would tag UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard, letting him know that he needs to fight Darren Till for the 'Undisputed European Crown', as they are both European.

Till would respond and agree to the fight respectfully, even congratulating Vettori on his most recent win.

However, Vettori would let Till know that he is still waiting on his first meme.

Darren Till is one of the funniest fighters on the internet, and would not disappoint by putting a picture of an orc over Vettori's face.

darren till marvin vettori part one
darren till marvin vettori part two

Vettori and Paulo Costa Exchange

Marvin Vettori's fight against Paulo Costa was anything but ordinary.

The fight would almost be canceled several times as Costa notified the UFC that he would not make the Middleweight limit of 185 lbs.

In fact, the pair would end up fighting at 205 lbs, 20 lbs over their normal fight-weight.

However, Paulo Costa would accept no blame for the increase in weight leading up to the fight, blaming Vettori at times, and telling him to accept the fight.

Vettori would laugh at how out of touch Costa was with the situation, and would ask him if he was drunk.

The Internet Reacts to Vettori's Shorts

Kevin Holland would post on Instagram, and tag Vettori asking him what he was doing, and suggesting that Vettori may have eaten too many gummies ahead of the photo shoot.



Even BT Sports would tweet a picture of several fighters posing for a similar photo shoot, asking the fans if Vettori really put his fight shorts on backwards.

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