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Michael Bisping is famous for being one of the toughest fighters of all time. Despite suffering an injury to his right eye, he was able to win the UFC Middleweight championship.

In this page, we will go over whether or not Michael Bisping has a glass eye, along with a background of his injury.

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Does Michael Bisping Have a Glass Eye?

No, Bisping does not have a glass eye. He was initially looking to have his eye surgically removed and replaced with a glass eye, until he learned that there was another less drastic option. He now uses a hand-painted prosthetic lens that matches his exact eye color instead.

After his eye injury, Bisping initially had a prosthetic eye, however he explained that he felt insecure with it on.

The prosthetic eye required constant adjustment, and when he would audition for actor roles and/or be on TV as an analyst/commentator, he would constantly worry that his eye was in the correct position.

The prosthetic lens that he now uses eliminates the concerns that he previously had, and he is able to remove it as well.

In fact, he would remove his eye during several interviews.


How Did Bisping Injure His Eye?

Believe it or not, Bisping used to have 2 perfectly healthy eyes throughout the first 70% of his MMA career.

It wasn't until he faced Vitor Belfort for his 28th professional fight, that his right eye would be hit by Belfort's left high kick that would TKO him.

This high kick would cause a detached retina which Bisping would undergo several treatments for, and eventually become legally blind in that eye.

This fight came under scrutiny as Vitor Belfort was using TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) as it was allowed for a short period of time.

Fighters could apply for, and receive a therapeutic exemption if they were eligible.

However, there were some obvious loopholes in this exemption.

In theory, fighters could technically partake in a cycle, their testosterone would be lower at the end of the cycle, and then they could apply for the exemption.

TRT was banned shortly afterwards, and the physiques of fighters that were on TRT previously changed dramatically.

Why Was Michael Bisping Allowed to Fight With One Eye?

Bisping would answer this question on Joe Rogan's podcast, and explain that he "lied to so many doctors" and would memorize the letters of the eye test charts.

eye test chart

Bisping would go on to further say that he would always worry about the weigh-ins, as that's when fighters are checked by doctors once again for routine examination to be cleared.

Luckily for him, as Bisping puts it:

They just didn't check very good

Normally, Bisping would let the doctors know that he had all of the paperwork clearing him, and that would be enough for the doctors.

However, there was one occasion where the doctor would have him cover one eye, as the doctor held either one, two, three, four, or five fingers up.

The doctor would then ask Bisping how many fingers he is holding up.

Bisping would tell Rogan that he had a 'code' in preparation for this eye test with his long-time coach Jason Parillo.

If the doctor held up one finger, Parillo would cough, if the doctor holds up two fingers, Parillo would yawn or do something else that Bisping could hear.

They would do this for all five fingers.

Bisping would become a UFC champion, then retire and transition to a UFC commentator role, host one of the best MMA podcasts in the world, and the rest is history.

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