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There is a long running Artem Lobov Meme/Joke on the Internet that MMA fans love to reference back to.

In this page we will explain what it is, and how Artem Lobov became the 'GOAT'.


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Lobov's Rise to Fame

Artem Lobov has been Conor McGregor's long time training partner, and would eventually make his debut in the UFC through the Ultimate Fighter show.

Lobov would make it to the finals of the show, before losing a Unanimous decision to Ryan Hall.

Despite this, he would still be signed to the UFC and fight half a dozen fights with the promotion.

Lobov was well-respected for fighting anyone at any place, regardless of how good they may be.


However, Lobov was also famous for sporting a losing record, something that rarely occurs in the UFC. Due to this many people accused the UFC of only having Lobov in the promotion due to being Conor McGregor's friend.

Why Do They Call Artem Lobov the GOAT?

Artem Lobov would retire with a 13-15-1-1 Professional MMA record.

There is a saying that goes "28 people have tried to dethrone the GOAT (greatest of all time), 15 have succeeded".

All of Lobov's fights in the UFC win or lose, have ended in decision.

Regardless of how badly Lobov may have been losing a fight and taking damage, for example in the Cub Swanson fight.. Lobov had an iron chin, and showed massive heart being able to finish out the fight.

Artem Lobov Arm Length

Lobov is 69 inches tall and his reach is 65/66 inches. His reach is 4 inches below average. He has short limbs, narrow shoulders and a long torso.

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For reference, Conor McGregor Conor is also 69 inches tall and his reach is 73/74 inches.

Somebody pointed out how short his arms looked next to his long torso, and shortly after that, Lobov's arms would be photo-shopped to be extremely short before every one of his fights.

Lobov Beats Former Champion Paulie Malignaggi

Malignaggi is a former two division, Boxing world champion with a 36-8 record, and a TV analyst known for his very intricate Boxing mind.

Malignaggi famously had a falling out with McGregor, and there was long-standing beef there between the two camps.

It is only right that he would face the GOAT, Artem Lobov in Bare Knuckle Fighting once Lobov was not re-signed to the UFC.

Common sense tells us that Malignaggi should easily dispose of Lobov in a Boxing-ish fight.

However, Lobov would make the bout competitive and pull the upset by winning through Unanimous decision, cementing his status as the GOAT in the eyes of the people.

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