Who is Boogerbeard in the UFC? | Easily Explained

Boogerbeard has become a common figure in the Mixed Martial Arts scene, but more specifically in the UFC.

In this page, we will explain who Boogerbeard is, why the MMA community loves him, and the timeline of how he achieved his level of popularity.

who is boogerbeard ufc

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Who is Boogerbeard?

Boogerbeard is an online MMA personality that is famous for his unique humor on Twitter, as well as his friendship with MMA superstar Israel Adesanya.



Nobody knows Boogerbeard's real name, and to be frank, it's better that way.

Recognizing the MMA fan and Seattle native through his patented black UFC snapback in his video outbursts, keeps the mystique that much better.

How Did Boogerbeard Rise to Stardom?

Boogerbeard would explain that he would begin his Twitter account during the COVID-19 lockdown, due to being bored and wanting to do something fun.

Creating 1 Minute Videos For Fighters

He would create videos "Attacking UFC fighters" in one minute rants, that many fans would come to love.

It would eventually get to the point to where he would no longer randomly choose fighters, but he would actually receive requests from fans to do specific fighters.

He would reach an agreement with fans that if they sent $20 to Dustin Poirier's Good Fight Foundation, he would do a video focused towards a MMA fighter of their choice.

Not only would this result in comical videos, but it would benefit a good cause, resulting in several thousand dollars worth of donations.

Boogerbeard would explain:

People were sending me screenshots of their donations to The Good Fight Foundation and I’d do a video talking s*** to whoever they wanted,” Boogerbeard explained. “Mark Henry saw those and ordered five of them for Frankie Edgar, DC and a few others. From there, more and more people saw them and I don’t know, man, fighters just have a good sense of humor. They don’t get offended by anything.

Video Directed Towards Aljamain Sterling

The video that would grab the most attention was the one directed at Aljamain Sterling.

The video would start off slow, before taking viewers through a few plot twists, in classic Boogerbeard fashion.

Sterling would even retweet his video, and the followers for Boogerbeard's twitter account would quickly grow.

Adesanya Friendship

During Boogerbeard's rise in the Twitter-sphere, one of the eyes that he would catch is that of Israel Adesanya.

Adesanya would prove to be a fan of his humor, and not only like Boogerbeard's tweets, but also frequently engage with them.


This interaction would continue to grow, to the point that Adesanya would actually fly Boogerbeard out to UFC 263, for his first live UFC experience.

However, he would quickly find out that he wouldn't be receiving any kind of 'ordinary' experience.

After the UFC 263 Main Event

After Israel Adesanya would defeat Marvin Vettori once again to retain his UFC Middleweight championship at UFC 263, the champion would then leave the cage.

He would then proceed to embrace with the MMA personality, and then put his UFC belt on his shoulder and let Boogerbeard hold it for several seconds.

Not only was this completely unexpected, but it was a great gesture by the champ, and one that truly showed how powerful the Internet can be.


The night wouldn't stop there, as the pair could be seen hanging out in the after-party event, and even taking pictures.


UFC 276

The next time that Adesanya would fight in Vegas at UFC 276, Boogerbeard would make his return to the octagon side and watch him retain his title.

Boogerbeard would then have quite an eventful night at the after-party, meeting other UFC stars, hanging out with them, and even taking pictures with them.

The rise of Boogerbeard over the last few year has been a very unique ride, going from being a normal MMA fan hanging out with friends at home, to hanging out with UFC champions at after parties.

The craziest part? It seems like it's still just getting started.

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