5 Best UFC Heavyweight Fights | Easily Explained

Heavyweights have the mythical power to separate anyone from consciousness, and for this reason, many heavyweight fights results in a finish.

In this page, we'll cover the best UFC Heavyweight fights ever, what made them the best fights, and what the scenario was going into the fight.

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    5. Andrei Arlovski vs Travis Browne

    Arlovski and Browne are close friends and training partners.

    Browne was coming into this fight with an impressive 17-3 record, having just come off of a knockout win of Brendan Schaub.

    While Arlovski had just avenged his loss against Bigfoot Silva in violent fashion with a first round KO, earning performance of the night honors.

    Although Arlovski was the veteran, he was on a 4 fight win streak, and seemingly catching a second wind in his career.

    Both fighters were known for being knockout artists, and fans were absolutely ecstatic about this fight.

    The fight lived up to the hype ending with 'Fight of the Night' honors.

    Arlovski dominated the majority of the fight, wobbling Browne multiple times to the point where Browne's legs looked like a newborn deer, as he fought to stay upright.

    Arlovski would hit Browne with a barrage of punches and in what seemed like only seconds away from the fight being stopped.

    Suddenly Browne, while still on wobbly legs would hit Arlovski with a clean desperation haymaker that dropped him. Browne would spam punches and try to finish the fight, but he would slip off of his back as his wobbly legs would not cooperate.

    Arlovski only moments later would stand back up and finish the fight with a TKO.

    4. Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo

    In one of the craziest fights of all time, Kongo vs Barry will forever be in the minds of fight fans.

    Barry came in with a relatively new record of 6-2, however he had an extensive kickboxing background prior to transitioning into MMA.

    Due to this, his striking was widely respected and feared throughout the combat world.

    Kongo, in his last 6 wins had 4 knockouts, and was known for being a physical specimen at 6 ft 4, 247 lbs with minimal body fat.

    This fight would only go for 1 round, but it felt like an eternity. Barry would initially knock down Kongo with a massive right, then follow up with a barrage of punches to the head area.

    Kongo would shoot for a takedown unsuccessfully, and then get caught with another punch and dropped to the canvas again.

    Somehow, Kongo was able to survive and get to his feet, standing on extremely wobbly legs. He then was able to catch Barry with a right hook, and then a right uppercut that would knock Barry out cold in a massive turn of events.

    This fight is one of the craziest fights to ever occur not just in the heavyweight division, but in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

    3. Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin

    Lesnar had one of the most unique careers in the history of MMA. Although he lacked MMA experience, that's about all that he lacked.

    A completely physical specimen, a wrestling Division 1 All American, and a WWE champion, he brought along an interesting combination of 'What Can't He Do' and extreme popularity from his loyal following.

    He would win the UFC championships in only 4 fights, and defend it vs Carwin for his 6th.

    Carwin brought absolute chaos every time that he fought sporting an absurd 12-0 record, and mauling every one of his opponents in under 4 minutes.

    In fact, it wasn't until his Interim title win that anyone lasted over 2 minutes (and 11 seconds).

    This fight ended up living up to the hype as Carwin would hit Lesnar with giant strikes in the first round, stuff takedown attempts, and even drop him to the point where he was on top raining down punches for the rest of the round.

    Somehow, Lesnar was able to survive the round and make it to the second round.

    Unfortunately for Carwin, it was clear that he had emptied the gas tank at this point, as his hands hung low as he took deep breaths during the second round.

    Eventually Lesnar was able to secure the takedown, and lock in an arm triangle to force a submission to come back and win the fight.

    2. Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos

    Velasquez brought a breath of fresh air into the heavyweight division, one that the division had never seen before.

    Cain brought along exceptional wrestling but perplexed fans with his ridiculous cardio. Although he was a heavyweight, he would have the cardio of a Bantamweight.

    Cain also suffered his lone defeat in his MMA career to that point to Dos Santos, one where he also lost his belt.

    Dos Santos was 15-1 going into this rematch, while Velasquez was 9-1.

    What fans ended up watching was a complete masterclass of elite wrestling, well timed punches, and most of all a display of insane cardio.

    'Cardio Cain' put on a clinic as he visibly exhausted Dos Santos early, and never let off of the gas pedal the entire fight winning through a division.

    He was able to frustrate him and never allowed him to get any type of offense going.

    This was widely regarded as the introduction of the 'New Era' of heavyweights.

    1. Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier 2

    Miocic and Cormier would take part in some of the most memorable fights throughout their trilogy.

    Perhaps, none was more important than their second fight.

    Cormier was widely regarded as one of the best fighters of all time, only ever having lost to Jon Jones, and defeating every other fighter in his way.

    Miocic was widely regarded as the best heavyweight of all time, holding multiple records most notably the most consecutive defenses.

    Prior to this fight, Miocic was just knocked out in the first round by Cormier who had moved up from Lightheavyweight in order to become a 'Double Champion' or a 'Champ Champ'.

    Miocic (18-3) would wait a year before he was able to attempt his revenge vs Cormier (22-1).

    The second fight would immediately be more competitive, as Miocic seemingly had a 'refreshed chin' and was able to withstand much harder punches than the one that actually knocked him out in the first fight.

    Cormier had more success through the first 2 rounds, although Miocic started coming on in the 3rd round.

    What was most impressive about this fight was the body shot adjustment that Miocic made in the middle of the fight. He began attacking Cormier's body with vicious well timed hooks over, and over again.

    These smart attacks set up the finish as he was able to catch Cormier with a right hand over the top, and finish him with a barrage of punches.

    Cormier was winning on all 3 judges scorecards prior to being TKO'd by Miocic.

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