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In this page, we will go over whether Bellator does drug test or not, and explain how it compares to other MMA organizations.

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Bellator Drug Testing

Bellator does drug test, however it is done by the athletic commission. The athletic commission varies by which state they fight is taking place in. If the fight is taking place in Nevada, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) will issue drug tests.

drug test

There isn't a separate organization that actively tracks each fighter's whereabouts throughout the year, in order to randomly drug test them. In short, they do drug test, but it's nowhere near as strict as other organizations.

In fact, they use the same drug testing system that the UFC used to do before 2015.

This same drug testing system was the one that busted Jon Jones for having used cocaine.

How Does it Differ From UFC Drug Testing?

The UFC partnered with USADA, the U.S Anti Doping Agency. USADA is the national anti-doping organization in the United States for Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, and Parapan American sport. At USADA, they are dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition, inspiring true sport, and protecting the rights of athletes.


Famously, Jeff Novitzky (USADA) was the person who would bust Lance Armstrong for doping.

USADA is a much stricter drug testing organization, and has been credited with cleaning up the sport.

In fact, athletes can be tested 365 days a year, without advance notice. Athletes are also required to inform USADA of their daily regular schedule and must report any changes.

They use an app that has to be maintained accurately all year, and if it is not, athletes can be subject to fines and/or suspensions.

Fighters Complaining About Drug Tests

Over the years, there have been multiple fighters who have complained about the lack of drug testing in Bellator.

Gegard Mousasi

Mousasi is a legend of the sport who has fought almost 60 professional fights, and still has less than double digit losses. He has fought in some of the biggest professional organizations in the world including the UFC, Strikeforce & Pride FC.

After his fight against Rafael Lovato Jr. he would explain that he felt like Lovato Jr, was 100% on steroids for their fight, and that Bellator does not have strict enough drug testing policies.

Conor McGregor

Although McGregor does not fight for Bellator, he has many teammates who do. McGregor would call for Bellator to implement a reputable testing body in order to keep the athletes safe.


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