Is Bellator Better Than UFC? | Easily Explained

Mixed Martial Arts has several competing organizations including the UFC and Bellator.

In this page we will go over a popular question, is Bellator better than the UFC?

    Is Bellator Better Than the UFC?

    The UFC is known as the number 1 MMA organization in the world, with Bellator coming in at number 2.

    Bellator however is commonly referred to as the UFC's biggest rival.

    ufc fight live

    As far as overall fighter pay, fight quality, and quality of the divisions of the fighters, the UFC is at the top of the mountain.

    A simple metric that illustrates this is the Twitter followers of the two organizations.

    The UFC is almost nearing 10 million followers, while Bellator has just passed half a million followers.

    ufc twitter followers

    bellator twitter followers

    There are a few differences between the two organizations, which are covered below.

    Differences Between Bellator and the UFC


    • Fighters can secure their sponsorships and wear the logos of those sponsors on their shorts
    • One fighter wears blue gloves, and the other fighter wears red gloves
    • 2 Women's weight classes
    • 7 Men's weight classes
    • Scott Coker is the face of the business
    • Bellator has a television deal with Showtime




    • They have a Venum deal for the fighters. The fighters get paid anywhere from $500-$2,000 per fight for this sponsorship
    • The Venum deal requires fighters to wear a certain uniform, and according to the UFC, it legitimizes the sport as everyone wears the same attire
    • 4 Women's weight classes
    • 8 Men's weight classes
    • Dana White is the face of the business
    • UFC has a television deal with ESPN
    • The UFC has had a 15-year head start on Bellator
    • Famous fighters such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Khabub Nurmagomedov & Ronda Rousey have fought in the UFC

    Does Bellator Pay More Than The UFC?

    Overall, the UFC pays more than Bellator does. Although the UFC contracts vary greatly depending on where a fighter is signed from, the mid-tier and top-tier UFC fighters get paid much more than the mid-tier and top-tier Bellator fighters.

    We've created an article that explains in depth whether Bellator pays more than the UFC.

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