Does Bellator Pay More Than the UFC? | Easily Explained

Every Mixed Martial Arts organization pays its fighters differently.

In this page, we will explain whether or not Bellator pays their fighters more than the UFC.

    Does Bellator Pay More Than The UFC?

    When comparing the entire fight cards of the UFC and Bellator, the UFC pays their fighter more money. However, Bellator has a history of signing former UFC fighters to much more lucrative contracts than they received in the UFC such as Gegard Mousasi, Corey Anderson, and Sergio Pettis. 

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    Former UFC Fighters Who Went to Bellator

    Gegard Mousasi

    Although Mousasi had massive success inside of the octagon, racking up over 40 wins, while still maintaining single-digit losses, he would still not be paid like it during his UFC tenure.

    Mousasi would be critical of the UFC pay structure, wondering why the guys that he beat were earning much more than him

    Mousasi would eventually become a free agent and ink a deal with Bellator.

    Earnings in UFC

    In Mousasi's last UFC fight (UFC 210), Mousasi would win via TKO against Chris Weidman and earned $150,000 total.

    • $90k to Show
    • $50k to Win
    • $10k Reebok Sponsorship

    Earnings in Bellator

    In one of his fights in Bellator, Mousasi would TKO Austin Vanderford and earn a flat salary of $500,000.

    The most notable aspect of this is that there was no win bonus, it was a flat fee.

    Fighters Purses Win Bonus Total Payouts
    Gegard Mousasi $500k N/A $500k

    Corey Anderson



    In Anderson's last UFC fight, he would earn a total of $85,000.

    • $75k to Show
    • $10k Fight Week Incentive

    In his most recent Bellator fight at Bellator 277, Anderson would earn $250,000.

    Preliminary Fighter Pay in Bellator vs UFC

    The most noticeable difference in fighter pays occurs in the lower portion of the card, more specifically the preliminary card.

    In Bellator's most recent event (Bellator 275), Lee Hammond and Jamie Hay both had a $2k base salary (to show) and a $2k win bonus.

    Hammond would win the fight and earn $4k, while Hay would lose the fight and earn $2k.

    Lee Hammond $2k $2k $4k
    Jamie Hay $2k N/A $2k


    On the other hand, for UFC's most recent event (UFC 275), the lowest fighters on the card have a $12k to show, and $12k to win contract.

    Liang Na $12k N/A $4k N/A $16k
    Silvana Gómez Juárez $12k $12k $4k $50k $78k


    Gomez Juarez would win the fight through a devastating knockout, and collect a bonus of the night as well, earning a total of $78,000.

    Na would lose the fight but still collect $16,000, eight times more than the Bellator prelim fighter who lost would make.

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