Who is Blonde Brunson? | Easily Explained

Derek Brunson has had one of the most unique transformations in MMA as he transformed into Blonde Brunson, and would instantly regain success in the octagon.

In this page, we will explain who Blonde Brunson is, and how the transformation occurred.

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Who is Blonde Brunson?

Derek Brunson would dye his hair blonde shortly after his loss against Israel Adesanya, and would immediately pile up a three fight win streak.

Who is Blonde Brunson

During this win streak, this would give birth to the name 'Blonde Brunson', who became this mythical fighter who seemingly could not be beat.

What's a Mythical Fighter?

A mythical fighter in the MMA world, is a fighter who makes some type of adjustment that leads to continued success in the octagon.

Some other mythical fighters include:

  • Patient Francis
  • No Sparring Max
  • Blonde Brunson

Patient Francis

Francis Ngannou is known for his knockout power that could crack the chin of any person on earth.

However, earlier in his career he would use all of his energy to try to knock out his opponent as soon as possible in the fight.

This would lead to him getting tired, and essentially 'gassing out', which was shown in his fight vs Stipe Miocic.

However, when he rematched Miocic, he would show very good composure, and would remain patient throughout the fight.

This would pay off handsomely as he would end up knocking Stipe Miocic out.

Blonde Brunson's Win Streak

Blonde Brunson would pile up some impressive victories, beating popular yet skillful fighters such as Kevin Holland, and even score a submission finish on Darren Till along the way.

Additionally, Brunson would elevate this nickname as he would constantly post on social media about Blonde Brunson in different contexts.

The fighter he has beat during the Blonde Brunson era include:

  • Darren Till
  • Kevin Holland
  • Edmen Shahbazyan

Blonde Brunson's Unique Pose

Contrary to popular belief, Blonde Brunson isn't just the mixture of the blonde hair, and the win streak... It's also the famous pose.

When most fighters pose for UFC pictures, they'll have some sort of combination of their hands up, back straight, and eyebrows pulled down to make the most intimidating face possible.

Blonde Brunson plays by different rules however, as he would be seen posing with a stoic face, arms by his side, and his lats being flexed.

This pose would perplex fans, and the internet would immediately take notice, and compare his pose to the Crash Bandicoot character from the Playstation game.


Blonde Brunson Looking to Rebound

Blonde Brunson would fiind massive success inside of the octagon, but would suffer his first setback as he would be finished by Jared Cannonier.

This isn't as big of a deal as some make it, as unless you're Floyd Mayweather or Khabib Nurmagomedov, you're not staying undefeated.

It's safe to say that Brunson has had plenty of fun with his new nickname, both inside and outside of the octagon.

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