How Do You Retire in UFC 4? | Easily Explained

Even the best UFC fighters have an expiration date.

In this page, we will explain all of the ways you can retire while in UFC 4's Career mode and whether or not the game can retire you.

    How Do You Retire in UFC 4?

    In UFC 4's Career Mode, there are three ways to retire including when your fighter reaches 'G.O.A.T Status', when your fighter's longevity meter reaches its capacity, and after you've reached a certain level of fame.

    UFC career retirement

    When a fighter reaches GOAT status, they will be given the option to retire or continue fighting.

    However, when a fighter's longevity meter becomes full, the game will force the fighter to retire, regardless of record (or newly signed contract), and even if the fighter has GOAT status.

    Yes, you can retire at any time once you have achieved the required fame level. However, retiring too early may limit your fighter’s potential.

    What is the Longevity Meter?

    The longevity meter is a way to measure how long a fighter's career can last, based on how much damage they have endured.

    The more damage that your fighter takes, in the form of strikes, the shorter that a fighter's career will last.

    ufc 4 longevity bar

    When your longevity meter becomes fully red, you'll be forced to retire.

    In theory, if you had two fighters and one of them attained first-round knockouts his entire career, and the second fighter went through all the rounds for his entire career...

    The first fighter's career would last much longer than the second one, as he absorbed much fewer strikes due to being able to finish the fight quickly.

    Every fighter in career mode has a longevity meter.

    What Happens When a Fighter Retires in UFC 4?

    When your fighter retires in UFC 4 (willingly or forced), you will no longer be able to play as your fighter in the game.

    Your fighter's status will display on the home screen as 'Retired' with a picture of the UFC gloves worn down, on the tile.

    UFC career retirement

    Your fighter's record will remain intact, however, you won't be able to use any of your fighter's skills and stats that you've built up over your playing time.

    How to Become the GOAT in UFC 4

    For your fighter to reach GOAT status, you'll have to achieve half of the performance goals and half of the promotion goals.

    We've listed all of the performance and promotion goals below.

    Performance Goals

    1. 15 Submissions
    2. 9 Fight of the Night bonuses
    3. 12 Knockouts
    4. 17 Consecutive Wins
    5. 17 Fight Finishes
    6. 11 Performance Bonuses
    7. 35 UFC Fights
    8. 11 Consecutive UFC Title Defenses
    9. 24 UFC Wins
    10. Becoming a Two Division Champion

    Promotion Goals

    1. $15.1 Million in Career Earnings
    2. $2.4 Million Pay Per View Buys
    3. 8 Million Followers
    4. 19 Pay Per View Main Events

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