Is Jake Paul Doing MMA? | Explained

Jake Paul has made headlines in the last few years as he has transitioned from being a YouTube Star to combat sports.

But is Jake Paul doing MMA? In this page, we will explain.

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Is Jake Paul Doing MMA?

Jake Paul is not currently doing MMA, but he has been open to transitioning from Boxing during his recent back and forth with Dana White.

At one point Jake Paul offered to fight in the UFC (and retire from Boxing) if Dana White would accept conditions such as guaranteeing UFC fighters 50% of the UFC's annual revenue.

That offer would come and go unanswered, but Jake Paul would keep on teasing a MMA debut.

Paul would post a video of him working on his leg kicks and tag other MMA organizations such as PFL and Bellator, to show that he was serious about the transition.

To be fair, Paul didn't look half bad while practicing his leg strikes.

Khabib Offers Paul a MMA Contract

While Jake Paul and Dana White feuded back and forth through Twitter regarding fighter pay, and Paul offering himself to come to the UFC, another promoter threw an offer into the equation.

Khabib Nurmagomedov, one of the greatest Mixed Martial Artists of all time, retired from the sport, and created his own MMA promotion known as Eagle FC.

Nurmagomedov would confirm that he has offered Jake Paul a MMA contract, and that he is just waiting on Paul's answer.

Paul would later respond that he accepts Nurmagomedov's offer, on one condition.

That condition is that for Paul's MMA debut, he would like to fight Nurmagomedov.

Now of course, seeing as Khabib is retired, there is almost a zero chance that this happens, and the idea ended on the spot.

Jake Paul vs MMA Fighters

Another reason why many get confused on whether Jake Paul does MMA is due to how many of his boxing opponents are former MMA fighters.

Out of his 5 Professional Boxing fights, 3 of them have been former UFC fighters:

  • Tyron Woodley xs 2
  • Ben Askren

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