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Islam Makhachev is known as Khabib's protégé, having trained from a young age with both Khabib and Khabib's father.

So far he has lived up to the hype with 20+ wins and only 1 loss, almost a decade ago.

What may be even more impressive than his performance is his massive beard. Many fans have wondered, what does Islam Makhachev look like without a beard?

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What Does Islam Makhachev Look Like Without Beard?

In Islam's first MMA fight at M-1 Global, the same promotion that his friend and mentor Khabib had fought in, Islam would be seen as close to being shaved as he has ever been seen.

Islam's trademark thick, bushy beard, that wraps around his entire face while the mustache is shaved off, had yet to grow.

In fact, you can see Islam's chin hair is definitely there but trimmed.

However, the sides of his face have yet to be developed, and there isn't enough face hair just yet in order to fully connect.

Islam's Beard Begins to Grow

At Makhachev's UFC debut at UFC 187, he would defeat Leo Kuntz via submission in the second round.

In his post fight interview, you're able to see Islam's beard fully connecting but he has kept it noticeably trimmed.

One reason why this could be possible is that several years ago, some athletic commissions would force fighters to trim their facial hair down.

Islam's Beard Now

Unlike his friend Khabib, who has been seen with a trimmed beard over the years, Islam is always seen with his patented look.

Seemingly in every interview, every fight, and even on his Instagram while he is out of fight camp, Islam is rocking his ultra-thick beard.

It's safe to say that we won't be seeing Islam Makhachev without a beard any time soon.

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