Khamzat Chimaev With No Beard | Pictures

Khamzat Chimaev has taken the UFC by storm by destroying his opponents, and only being hit 2 times in 4 UFC fights. Yep, you read that correctly.

What may be even more impressive than his performance is his massive beard. Many fans have wondered, what does Khamazat Chimaev look like with no beard?

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Khamzat With No Beard

A digitally altered picture of Khamzat with no beard floated around the internet, and many fans were shocked at the result.

Khamzat seemingly had no chin whatsoever, and fans joked that they completely understood why he has the massive beard after all.


Thankfully for Khamzat, that is not what he actually looks like as in his earlier fights of his career, he had yet to grow out the beard.

You are able to see that he still looks extremely intimidating, especially as the ferocious scar on his lip is even more noticeable. The scar on his lip was a result of him falling down the stairs and landing on concrete at the age of 2.

He explains that he lost a couple of teeth, broke his nose, and still can't breathe correctly from his right nostril. This fact alone makes his young career all that more impressive.

Khamzat's beard is trimmed and you can begin to see signs of what the massive beard would eventually become.

It's safe to say that Khamzat indeed does have a regular chin underneath all of that facial hair.