What is Jiri Prochazka's Book That He Carries Around? | Explained

In a sport dominated by outspoken personalities and trash talk, MMA superstar Jiri Prochazka is one of the few authentic martial artists left in MMA.

Prochazka is known to carry a certain book around everywhere that he goes.

In this page we will explain what that book is, what the book is about, and how it changed his life.

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What is Jiri Prochazka's Book That He Carries Around?

The book that Jiri carries around is 'The Book of Five Rings'.

This book details the story of the greatest swordsman of all time, Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi's book has five major chapters where readers will learn concepts that can apply to battle, business, and life.

The book also covers the importance of practice and application.

In fact, many businessmen and businesswomen will read this book in order to better understand philosophies, how to cut out distractions, investigating their interests thoroughly through practice (not just by reading), and studying the way of your competitors.

Five Chapters of the Book

  1. Book of Earth
  2. Book of Water
  3. Book of Fire
  4. Book of Wind
  5. Book of Void

Book of Earth

This chapter is focused on grounding yourself in a way where you are true to yourself, and can honestly evaluate yourself, touches on leadership, and compares training to building a house.

Book of Water

This chapter focuses on basic technique and fundamentals, as well as mastering your skills to achieve perfection.

Book of Fire

This chapter focuses on how hectic actual battle can be, as well as being able to stay focused during battle in order to defeat opponents.

Book of Wind

This chapter depicts the shortcomings of competitors, and how to study them.

Book of Void

This last chapter explains Musashi's thoughts on consciousness, enlightenment, and achieving a zen-like state.

How This Book Changed Jiri's Life

Jiri Prochazka by all accounts used to be a wild and fearless man, known for engaging in over 100 street fights, having chugged vodka from a motorcycle fuel line, and would constantly throw massive parties after his fights.

Almost a decade ago, his coach would give Jiri 'The Book of Five Rings', and Jiri would then transform his life around the principles of this book, as well as adapt towards the Japanese martial artist culture.

Jiri would be so immersed in this lifestyle that everything he did would be dedicated towards martial arts.

He would live in a cottage by himself in the middle of nowhere, in order to practice his skills and remain focused.

In his words, in order to:

"Live like that, think like that and eat like that"

One of the most telling signs that he is a little different, by anyone who runs into Jiri, is that he sports a bald head with a giant pony tail.

He does this to pay homage to the headpiece that Muay Thai fighters wear.

Light Heavyweight Champion

Fast forward a few years after his phenomenal success in every organization, most notably Rizin, and Jiri would win his first two UFC fights by way of knockout.

In only his third UFC fight, Jiri would pull off a last minute miracle to defeat Glover Texeira by way of submission, Glover's first submission loss in over 40 fights.

As wild as Jiri used to be, his fighting style resembles the old Jiri, with a mixture of the new Jiri, as he is seemingly unafraid to engage with anyone in any fashion, at any time.

How long Jiri's reign as a Light Heavyweight champion will last is anyone's guess, but one thing is definite..

Jiri Prochazka is one of the most exciting fighters in the world, win or lose.

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