What Does Jiri Prochazka Look Like With No Beard? | Pictures

Jiri Prochazka has taken the UFC by storm by destroying all of his opponents, carrying a certain book around, and by winning the UFC Lightheavyweight belt in only 3 UFC fights.

What may be even more impressive than his performance is his massive beard.

Many fans have wondered, what does Jiri Prochazka look like with no beard?

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Jiri Prochazka With No Beard

Jiri looks like a completely different person without a beard, seemingly missing some of his chin.

Another factor that throws his patented image off completely is his lack of hair on his head.

He is rocking a buzz cut, unlike his longer hair or even bald head with a long pony tail that he would use later in his career.

During his fight vs Brandon Halsey, you can see Jiri up close and in action, especially when they touch gloves prior to the fight which you can see below.

One more factor that makes Prochazka look very weird is that his beard has a 5 o'clock shadow, that almost matches his scalp.

Unlike Khamzat Chimaev without a beard, where Khamzat still looks like himself just without a beard, Jiri seems almost unrecognizable.

This makes him appear older and a bit ungroomed compared to the traditional Jiri that we're accustomed to seeing.

Let's just say as a MMA community, we are all very happy that Jiri has decided to grow out his beard, as well as provide a spectacular show in all of his fights.

Long Hair and Pony Tail

Before Jiri decided to shave most of his head, while leaving a pony tail in honor the headpiece that Muay Thai fighters wear, he would briefly rock the long hair on top.

The long hair on top was combed to the side, while the hair was longer in the back to form a pony tail.

Due to the sides of his head being shaved down, it's almost a mohawk in a sense, with a twist of Jiri involved.

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