Why is Lauren Murphy Called Barb? | Easily Explained

Lauren Murphy has often been called 'Barb' recently during her MMA fighting career, but why?

In this page, we will explain how Lauren Murphy would get called Barb, who has called her that name, and how this all came to be.

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Why is Lauren Murphy Called Barb?

Lauren Murphy would be featured on the Ultimate Fighter series under the team Alvarez banner, whose team would be coached by former Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez.

Lauren Murphy Barb

Alvarez would accidentally call Murphy 'Barb' after she informed him that she would be switching to the rival team.

Alvarez and Murphy Don't Get Along

During the show, Murphy and Alvarez would clash heads for a variety of reasons, and would ultimately not get along.

Murphy would explain that she felt disrespected by the way that Alvarez coached all of the women, how Alvarez would act when his fighters would lose a fight, and how Alvarez would carry himself throughout the show.

Murphy was so unhappy with being coached by Alvarez that she would actively begin training with the rival team, coached by Justin Gaethje.

This created a variety of problems as she would have familiarity training with fighters from both teams, which could provide her with an upper-hand during the competition, as well as inform teammates on the tendencies of their opponents.

Barb is Born

Murphy would meet with Alvarez and explain to him that she feels that it would be better for her to be on the other team, and that she felt very frustrated with her current team.

Alvarez would ask her to elaborate on what she was frustrated about, which Murphy wouldn't exactly clarify.

Alvarez would feel disrespected that she wanted to jump teams as he explained that he was putting his heart and soul into this show, as well as bringing world class coaches to help the fighters.

Alvarez would end the conversation by yelling "Alright, Barb is on the blue team" to the rest of his team, to which Lauren would yell back "My name is Lauren.. My name is Lauren!".

The name Alvarez mistook her for, Barb, is Barb Honchak who also took part in the Ultimate Fighter show.

Daniel Cormier Calls Lauren Barb

Murphy would then fight Barb Honchak at TUF 26 final, and edge out a split decision.

Perhaps due to watching the show itself, and/or fighting Barb the opponent, Cormier would mistakenly call Lauren Murphy Barb during her post fight interview.

Murphy would have an immediate look of disbelief before yelling "My name is Lauren" before Cormier would profusely apologize.

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