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Cain Velasquez is commonly referred to as Sea Level Cain, and in this page we'll cover what that nickname means, and how it started.

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What is Sea Level Cain?

Cain Velasquez is known for his smothering fighting style, as he is in his opponent's face throughout the entire fight while pushing the pace of the fight.

Prior to being nicknamed 'Sea Level Cain', he was widely known as 'Cardio Cain'.

Most heavyweights have a very limited gas tank of cardio, as they are typically known as knock out artists that will fight adequately for 1-2 rounds maximum.

However, Velasquez trail blazed his way through the division as he introduced elite wrestling, technical boxing, and amazing cardio to the heavyweight division.

All of his fights would take place at sea-level elevation, where Velasquez looked unstoppable, thus the nickname Sea Level Cain.

How Did Sea Level Cain Start?

Sea Level Cain actually began when Velasquez fought in Mexico City against Fabricio Werdum, at a height of over 7,300 feet.

The higher the altitude, the higher it is to breathe, and Werdum took advantage of this by arriving to Mexico City over a month before his fight to acclimate to the altitude.

To put it into perspective, the American Kickboxing Academy where Velasquez trained, is positioned at only 82 feet.

Velasquez arrived a mere two weeks prior to the fight, and his performance paid for it.

For the first time, Velasquez looked uncharacteristically exhausted during rounds, in between rounds, and even in between exchanges.

He was never able to impose his patented smothering style, as he was too busy trying to catch his breath.

This is how the 'Sea Level Cain' nickname was born, as he would solidify this was the case by knocking out Travis Browne in the first round on his return, as well as looking like the fighter that everyone expected.

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