Can I Do Train in Martial Arts With Glasses On? | Explained

In this page we will go over how to train in martial arts with glasses on, which part of class that you'll be able to wear glasses, what to expect, and alternatives to training with glasses.

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Can You Train Martial Arts With Glasses On?

Yes you can train with glasses on for most martial arts. Most classes are structured with warm ups first, instructor demonstration, drilling, and then rolling/sparring. This means that you'll have plenty of time to put your glasses on to observe and drill, but you'll still have time to take them off prior to the live session or rolling/sparring.

With this being said, your life will be much easier if you use different alternatives to glasses, which are covered below.

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Glasses in Striking Martial Arts

Striking martial arts such as Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing are where wearing glasses will be more difficult.

Due to the fact that you'll be wearing heavier gloves, it will be almost impossible to adjust your glasses. If you wanted to adjust your glasses, you'd have to take your gloves off, or ask someone who isn't wearing gloves to help you, which is not ideal.

Striking martial arts consistently have movement that results from foot work and actual striking, so this is a recurring problem.

Additionally, your eye sight is very important in these types of martial arts as you'll have to avoid punches, kicks, and even knees and elbows.

However, you'll be able to do the majority of the class with glasses on, it is just the actual live sparring that will be difficult, and you'll want to consider alternatives to glasses specifically for this.


Glasses in Grappling Martial Arts

In martial arts where you are grappling, and consistently in close contact with your opponent such as Jiu Jitsu and wrestling, you'll want to take your glasses off.

Most students report that they are able to grapple without needing glasses, as their opponents are right in front of them.

Even in severe cases of bad eye sight, students are able to 'feel' their opponents through movements as well as seeing outlines/shapes of their opponents.

However for the instructor demonstrations, you will want to put your glasses back on to understand exactly what it is that you're working on. Instructors are normally very good about this, but it won't hurt to give them a heads up prior to the class to let them know you'll want to grab your glasses for this portion of class.

Alternatives to Training With Glasses

Luckily if you wear glasses, you have multiple alternatives that can make your life a lot easier when training in anything that involves movement and sweating.

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Contact Lens

Prescription contacts are something that you can get from a simple visit to your eye doctor.

It is a lens that will go on top of your eye ball, and something that you won't have to consistently need to adjust throughout the day.

Sports Glasses/Goggles

Sports glasses or sports goggles are another great alternative. If you aren't a fan of having to touch your eye ball in order to put on contact lenses, you can invest in sports glasses.

They come with an elastic strap, that will strap on to the back of your head, which will keep your goggles from moving all over the place.

lasik eye for martial arts


If you are tired of having to deal with helping your eyes every single day, there's a more expensive option available.

Lasik in simple terms is eye surgery that can improve or even repair your vision. This is the much more expensive option, but it is something that has risen in popularity over the last decade.

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