3 UFC Guys Who Broke Viciously Broke Their Leg | Easily Explained

There have been a few leg breaks in the history of the UFC that are forever ingrained in the minds of MMA fans.

In this page, we will cover who are the UFC guys who have traumatically broken their legs during a fight.

UFC Guys Who Broke Their Leg

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Anderson Silva Breaks Leg Throwing a Kick

Anderson Silva would be the first UFC fighter to suffer a major leg break inside of the octagon. 

Silva was absolutely dominant inside the cage, holding the Middleweight belt for an unheard of 2,457 days as champion.

It wasn’t until he would face Chris Weidman the first time, that he would suffer his first defeat in over 6 years.

Silva would be granted an immediate rematch against Weidman and at one point during the fight, Silva would throw a leg kick that would get checked by Weidman’s shin.

What would happen next would stun fans world wide, as the seemingly indestructible Silva would shatter his leg on contact, but would not realize it as he would try to step back onto the injured leg.

The fight would be stopped immediately, and it would take Silva over a year to recover and return for his next fight.

Chris Weidman Breaks Leg Throwing a Kick

I wish I was making this up.. However, Weidman, the one who checked Silva’s leg kick and witnessed Silva break his leg within inches of him, would suffer an almost identical injury.

Weidman would face Uriah Hall at UFC 261, and the first and only strike that would land in that fight would be a Weidman low leg kick.

Weidman’s leg kick would be checked by Uriah Hall, and similarly to Silva’s situation, Weidman would shatter his leg on contact, have no idea this occurred, and attempt to step back only to realize his leg was completely broken.

Weidman would then go belly down on the canvas, and Uriah Hall would put his hands on his head in disbelief over what just happened.

Conor McGregor Breaks Leg Stepping Back

Only 3 months after Weidman’s leg break, McGregor would experience one of his own.

McGregor would face off against Dustin Poirier to settle their trilogy. During the fight, McGregor would throw his patented jab, cross, 1/2 punch but when he stepped back, his leg would break from underneath him.

Similarly to the other two situations, it wasn’t until McGregor stepped back and fell that he realized his leg was broken, as the pain began to set in immediately afterwards.

Unlike the other two situations, this wasn’t caused by a checked leg kick, but from an injury that he was dealing with during fight camp, leading up to the fight.

McGregor would later post photos of himself dealing with an injured leg during fight camp preparation.

There would be pictures of his leg (that would later break), taped up, having work done to it, and even having a doctor look at MRI’s.

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