What is a Doctor Stoppage in the UFC? | Easily Explained

There are many ways a UFC fight can be stopped. Some of the well known ways include strikes, submissions and disqualifications.

A lesser known way is via a Doctor stoppage.

In this page, we will explain what a Doctor's stoppage is in the UFC, and when it has happened during fights.

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What is a Doctor Stoppage in the UFC?

A doctor's stoppage in the UFC occurs when a fighter's ability to defend themselves is in question due to an injury. The fight will be paused to allow the ring doctor to examine the fighter's injuries. If the fight isn't able to continue safely due to injury, the doctor will let the referee know and the fight will end via doctor stoppage.

What is a Doctor Stoppage UFC

It's important to know that if the injury was caused due to an illegal action or blow from the opponent, the referee can deem this a disqualification or no contest.

This difference is important as it can affect how much a fighter gets paid.

If a fighter is declared a winner of their fight, they will receive a win bonus, if a fight is declared a no contest, neither fighter will receive a win bonus.

A doctor's stoppage is still considered a win for the opposing fighter who was not stopped due to injury.

Fights Where Doctor Stoppages Have Occurred

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 2

Most famously at UFC 257, Conor McGregor would step back in the middle of his fight, only for his leg to snap underneath him.

Poirier would see this and take advantage of the situation by throwing in punches until the referee stepped in.

After the fight was waved off, McGregor immediately began screaming "Doctor Stoppage" to make it clear that he wasn't knocked out, and the fight ended due to a fluke injury.

It was not clear at first that McGregor broke his leg, but ultimately it was ruled a doctor stoppage.

Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal and Diaz would face off at UFC 244, and Diaz who is known for always bleeding during his fights, endured a lot of damage during this fight.

Diaz would suffer a very large cut on his eyebrow, as well as underneath his eye.

The doctor would inspect Diaz in between rounds and ultimately wave the fight off via doctor stoppage.

Donald Cerrone vs Tony Ferguson

Cerrone would enter the octagon to face Ferguson at UFC 238, and they'd have a violent back and forth affair.

However, Cerrone would inexplicably blow his nose in between rounds, which would push air up and immediately shut his eye.

Cerrone would be unable to see from that eye, and the fight would be waived off due to a doctor stoppage.

Brian Ortega vs Max Holloway

Holloway would step into the octagon against Ortega at UFC 231, and Holloway would absolutely put on a striking clinic against Ortega.

Ortega showed his toughness and durability being able to continue, despite eating an enormous volume of strikes.

However, in between rounds, the doctor would intervene and protect Ortega via doctor stoppage.

Joaquin Buckley vs Albert Duraev

Most recently at UFC on ESPN: Kattar vs Emmett, Joaquin Buckley would shut Duraev's eye after a barrage of strikes.

The doctor would eventually intervene and call the fight off.

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