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In this page we will explain what events occurred for Usman and Woodley to be seen having a meal together.

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Usman Beats Woodley for the Belt

At UFC 235, challenger Kamaru Usman would face the champion at the time, Tyron Woodley for the UFC Welterweight championship.

Woodley was coming off of a finish against surging contender Darren Till sporting a 19-3-1 record, while Usman was riding a 14-1 record, with his only loss occurring in his second professional MMA fight.

Usman would deliver a complete 5 round beating, outclassing Woodley in every aspect of the game. He would win the fight unanimously, and two judges would have scored it at 50-44, and the third judge at 50-45.

Woodley's Mom Embraces Usman

After the fight, Woodley's mom would be seen embracing Usman, and would share a beautiful moment and she would tell him:

“It’s okay. It’s all good, baby. It’s all good. It’s all good. It’s all good, honey. Bless your heart. It’s all good. It’s your turn. It ain’t his turn. It’s your time. Be encouraged. You hear me? And keep on working ‘cause they’re gonna come for you. And you take it to ‘em. It’s all good.'”

Usman and Woodley Having a Meal Together

About 3 weeks later, a picture would surface of Woodley and Usman having a meal together after their fight.

Many fans gave both of these fighters tremendous props for being able to do this, specifically Woodley.

There aren't many people in this world who would have the courtesy and respect, to have a meal with someone who just took the title that you worked your entire life for.

It's a great show of sportsmanship, in a sport where fighters are expected to 'talk trash' to one another in order to hype every fight up and sell more tickets.

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