Why Are Kamaru Usman's Legs So Small? | Explained

Kamaru Usman has completely obliterated almost everyone that he has face in his Mixed Martial arts career.

However, his legs are something that fans always point out.

In this page, we will explain why Kamaru Usman's legs are so small, and how he has been able to maintain success despite this.

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Why Are Kamaru Usman's Legs So Small?

Kamaru Usman has one of the most impressive and muscular physiques in the history of the UFC, but his legs are noticeably small. The size of his legs ultimately come down to two factors, genetic and injuries. Usman has been very open about his struggles with injuries, specifically his knees.


Usman has had multiple surgeries on his knees, injuries that stemmed from his wrestling days, as well as having gone under the knife after defeating Tyron Woodley for the UFC Welterweight belt.

When a fighter has a history of knee injuries, they will focus more on rehabilitation and preventative measures (to re-injure themselves) rather than pushing those body parts to their limits (and bulking up).

Usman has stated that he has not ran in multiple years due to his bad knees.

Keeping this in mind, it's extremely impressive that he was able to go toe to toe with his archrival, Colby Covington who is known to break his opponents with his insane cardio.


Similarly to Jon Jones's calves, genetics plays a large part into how large his calves can be, and ultimately it is something that Usman can't control.

Why Haven't Fighters Kicked His Legs?

Due to how skinny Usman's legs are, many fans have wondered why other fighters have not decided to kick Usman's legs.

After all, calf kicks specifically would debilitate his legs rather quickly.

The answer to this is simple, Usman is an elite wrestler who has also improved his striking tremendously in recent fights.

Wresting Threat

When a fighter throws a calf kick, they risk getting their leg caught, and then getting taken down.

With a fighter like Usman, the chances of you being able to get back up to your feet before the round ends are slim.

Counter Strike Threat

On the other hand, due to Usman's improved striking under his new coach Trevor Wittman, when fighters throw leg kicks, they are prone to getting countered with a stiff cross (or even jab).

Usman has won his last 3 out of 5 fights from TKO or KO, and opponents are understandably hesitant about his striking power.

Usman's Kicks

Although Usman has very thin legs, he is still able to generate tremendous power with his kicks.

Below, you're able to see Usman working on hitting the pads through body kicks. He maintains great technique by pivoting his plant leg, extending his kicking leg and keeping his front hand high.


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