What Does CSO Stand For With Tony Ferguson? | Explained

If you've ever seen a Tony Ferguson interview or a social media post, the phrase 'CSO' will seemingly always pop up.

In this page, we will explain what CSO stands for when Tony Ferguson uses it, and what it means.

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What Does CSO Stand For With Tony Ferguson?

There are two meanings for CSO when Tony Ferguson is using the phrase.

The most commonly known one is 'Champ Sh** Only', but the second one stands for 'Chief Security Officer'.

How Ferguson Uses Champ Sh** Only

Tony Ferguson uses the phrase 'CSO' for almost every social media post.

tony ferguson cso

CSO insinuates that everything that Ferguson does in his day to day life, inside the octagon and outside of it, is made up of CSO-material.

This CSO-mentality would prove to pay off as Tony Ferguson would win the Interim UFC championship after defeating Kevin Lee.

Additionally, he would rack up an absurd 12 fight win streak inside of the UFC.

How Ferguson Uses Chief Security Officer

Ahead of UFC 256, Ferguson would rebrand the term CSO to Chief Security Officer.

Ferguson would explain that nobody else on the roster, especially fighters in the top 5 had the type of attitude to get things done, like he did.

tony ferguson cso

Ferguson would mainly be referring to him taking risks, by being one of the few fighters to take a fight at the UFC Apex during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Ferguson's own words, he would explain in a way that only he can:

“I’m the CSO of the UFC,” Ferguson said. “CSO means ‘chief security officer.’ If you need something done, count on me. Reliable. I go out there and I make it happen. Name another (expletive) that’s out there in the top-five that does that (expletive). Top 15 or top 30. You’ve got to go lower in the bracket to have fighters that are barely making it to have that attitude.”

Best CSO Post Ever

One of the best CSO posts that Ferguson would ever put out is one which he's making fun of himself.

In his previous fights against Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush, both fighters would catch Ferguson in submissions that any normal fighter would tap to.

Oliveira would catch Ferguson in an arm bar, and Dariush would get Ferguson in a heel hook.

Somehow, Ferguson would not tap to either of those submissions, and still make it to the end of each of those fights.

tony ferguson cso not tapping

Ferguson would later post on Instagram, a post of both Dariush and Oliveira getting Tony in submissions at the same time, while he is smiling with his thumbs up.

Of course, this post would have the term CSO in the caption.

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