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In any Nate Diaz fight, whether he is winning or losing, there's one thing that's for sure.. He is bleeding.

In this page we will explain why Nate Diaz always bleeds, and if there's something that he can do to fix this.

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Why Nate Diaz Always Bleeds

Nate Diaz has built up so much scar tissue in his eye brows, that any strike on the eyebrow can easily open his wound up causing him to bleed. This is the reason why there's a saying that goes "It isn't a Diaz fight until a Diaz brother is bleeding".




Scar tissue is weak, which makes it prone to re-injury.

His brother Nick Diaz, suffers from the same problem during his fights.

According to the ClevelandClinic, scars form as part of the healing process after your skin has been cut or damaged.

The skin repairs itself by growing new tissue to pull together the wound and fill in any gaps caused by the injury.

Scar tissue is made primarily of a protein called collagen. Scars develop in all shapes and sizes

Diaz's Eyebrow During Fights

Another reason why Diaz has built up so much scar tissue, is due to the fact that he's one of the most durable fighters that Mixed Martial Arts has ever seen.

He has a 'granite' chin, which allows him to take so much damage, and be durable.

The downside to this durability is that he takes much more damage than normal people do, and his eyebrows have paid the price for it.

Possible Solutions

According to Sports Illustrated, the older Diaz decided that enough was enough in 2008 and underwent surgery to remedy this problem.

Diaz decided enough was enough and underwent plastic surgery to alleviate scar tissue and hopefully prevent the California fighter from suffering future lacerations.

Perhaps the younger Diaz is waiting until he is done fighting completely, in order to not undergo the surgery multiple times.


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