Who is MMA's Superfan? | Explained

If you've ever clicked on a tweet that was related to Mixed Martial Arts, there's a good chance that you've seen Superfan commenting on it.

In this page, we will explain who MMA's Superfan is, why the MMA community loves him, what he is known for, and his best work over the years.

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Who is MMA's Superfan?

Superfan is first and foremost Conor McGregor’s number 1 fan, and a MMA personality that is beloved by the MMA community.

Superfan's account strikes the perfect balance between trolling and having rational takes.

Although if you aren't great at detecting sarcasm, seeing a single one of his tweets without context could be dangerous.

One of the most effective ways that he's able to do this is with a simple 'Had me in the first half' type of tweet.


Besides knowing that he lives near Houston, Texas and that he's married, not much else is known about Superfan's personal life.

And quite frankly, it's better that way as it adds to the mystique.

Superfan has had hilarious interactions with many people over the years, including MMA fighters, Ariel Helwani, and Bellator themselves, which we will cover below.

What is He Known For?

Twitter Account Layout

In order to truly understand Superfan, we have to start with how his account set up.

Twitter Avi

His Avi is quite unique as it features a faceless man, sporting a tapout shirt, sunglasses, a chin strap, a hat and an alcohol bottle.

mma superfan avi

Although the hat and alcohol bottle now both carry the 'Howler Head' logo, it was not always this way.

Superfan repped Proper 12 exclusively until recently, when his Howler Head shirt would lead him on the UFC stage.

From that point on, the Howler Head brand made an appearance.

Twitter Handle & Description

His Twitter handle has both Conor McGregor's and Ronda Rousey's last name in it, despite this account being created years past both of the primes of those fighters (but don't tell Superfan that about Conor).

mma superfan twitter description

When someone sees one of his tweets, and then goes to his profile to scope him out, the description by itself already labels him a 'casual' to the average MMA fan unfamiliar with his account.

Then, as we move on to the description, he misspells Conor's name, and even shows a date of when he became a super fan (the year after McGregor became a 'Double Champ').

Phillip Jokes

If you've never heard of Phillip, don't feel bad as most people haven't.

This is why Superfan has been on a personal mission (for quite some time) to help everyone familiarize themselves with Phillip.

Over the years, Phillip has been bullied, said mean things about Tito, and commented on many UFC fighters. 

Ratio'ing Fighters

As Superfan's Twitter followers have increased, so have his powers.

So much so, that he has been able to go on an impressive ratio'ing streak.

If you've been living under a rock, a ratio refers to achieving a much higher number of likes than the original tweet contains.

One of his most impressive wins was recently, when he handed Jon Jones his first professional loss.

You can see the exchange below.

Superfan vs Helwani

His ratio battles didn't stop at fighters however, as he would go on to take the best MMA journalist head on, in Ariel Helwani .

The best part about this is that Ariel Helwani was actually familiar with the Philip joke, which took everyone in the MMA community by surprise.

Inconvenient DM's to Fighters

Somehow Superfan is able to get fighters to respond to his DM's, to ask them a question.

These fighters are used to receiving DM's from fans that congratulate them on their wins, wishing them good luck, and even those who send them hateful messages.

What they're not used to is Superfan's unique requests.

Superfan will ask for favors including crashing at a fighter's place, asking a fighter to help him co-sign his car and more.

However, my favorite is him asking Alexander Volkanovski if he could be there for the birth of his child.


superfan asks volk to see his baby


Always the good sport, Volk would respond hilariously, and when Superfan would actually have a child on the way, he would keep the door open in the event that he was able to make his appearance.

Ultimately, he wasn't able to arrive for that event due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but it left a memorable exchange.

Honorable Mention



Superfan is Not a Fan of

As big of a fan as Superfan is of Conor McGregor, Aljamain Sterling, Leon Edwards, ratio'ing accounts, and MMA in general...

He's not a fan of other things, to the point where some may even call him a 'hater'.

Some of the things that he hates the most include:

The Women's Featherweight Division



Larger Cameramen





Solving the Problems of His Boss

mma superfan text with his boss

Face Reveal

Howler Head Shirt Leads to the UFC Stage

At some point, Superfan would receive a limited-edition Howler Head Shirt from Dana White's Howler Head whiskey company.

At UFC Dallas, he would attend the fighter face-offs and get Dana White's attention by showing his shirt.

White would then not only let Superfan on stage, but would let him meet the fighters as well.

This would lead to a face reveal, when the cameras were pointed on stage.

You can be the judge of which one of the people on stage he is.



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