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If you've ever watched a UFC fight, you'll have noticed that right before the actual fight, fighters walk up right next to the cage and they are patted down.

But why do they pat down UFC fighters? In this page, we'll cover all of the reasons why, along with what they check for.

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Why Do They Pat Down UFC Fighters?

Frisking/Patting down a UFC fighter occurs right after the fighter has vaseline put on their face. It is done in order to ensure the safety of both fighters, as well as ensure that they are both fighting on an even playing field.

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Checking For Excess Vaseline

Too much vaseline can allow a fighter to be slippery, and allow them to escape submissions, or even just be very difficult to take down/grab onto.

For this reason, the appointed staff member will check behind the ear, neck, shoulders, side, lower back, thighs and legs.

Checking All Parts of the Gloves

Having illegal items inside of the glove to make your punches be more effective, can be extremely dangerous.

In fact, after Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder, Wilder accused Fury of 'Loading' his gloves prior to the fight, which lead to speculation.

This is why the staff member will check and touch the top of the glove, the bottom of the glove, and around the finger and thumb area to ensure that it feels as expected.

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Checking the Nails of the Fighters

Nails that are not properly clipped can causes scratches to the skin, and even to the eyeball.

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Checking the Mouth Guard

A mouth guard protects the teeth of the fighter, keeps your jaw bone in place, and can prevent you from biting down on your tongue.

Checking the Cup

The cup is to protect the private area of a fighter, in case there's an illegal blow during the fight. The cup is not there to prevent the damage, but rather to soften the blow.

Why Do UFC Fighters Fight Shirtless?

In the early days of the UFC, fighters were able to fight on with shirts and even Gi's.

However, it gave fighters something to grab onto during a Wrestling/Grappling/Jiu Jitsu exchange, putting them in disadvantageous positions. Once the UFC uniform policy was implemented, all male fighters would fight without a shirt.

Why Do UFC Fighters Shave Their Bodies?

Fighters will normally shave their body for aesthetic purposes, but also to avoid more friction than they want.

For opponents who have a striking-heavy game plan, they will want to slip out of grappling exchanges, and not afford their opponent any more friction than necessary.

Additionally, if you've ever had a hair plucked out, you know how painful that can be. Having this happen in the middle of a fight will be one of the last things that you'll want to be focused on.

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