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In this page we will cover whether or not the blood in wrestling is real, and if they use blood capsules.

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Does WWE Have Real Blood?

The blood that is shown during WWE events is real blood most of the time. However, in the past wrestlers would use a method known as blading.

Blading is the act of wrestlers intentionally cutting themselves during the match, in order for the blood to mix with the sweat.

This creates the appearance of much more blood flowing than actually is.

blood in wrestling

In 2004 Eddie Guerrero famously put himself in massive danger due to accidental blading.

Against his match versus JBL at Judgement Day, Guerrero lost so much blood that he would feel the effects of it for several weeks.

Throughout the last 15 years, the WWE has changed and adapted to their viewers.

They've transitioned from the attitude era and toned it down into the PG era, and due to this they've created an emphasis on having much less brutal fights.

In turn, this has resulted in much less blood occurring during wrestling matches.

Although wrestling is scripted, the injuries are very real, and the wrestlers endure these injuries during a match and have to recover from them afterwards.

Does WWE Use Blood Capsules?

Wrestlers have used blood capsules before during wrestling matches in order to 'cough up blood'.

The reason that this occurred is to enhance the effect of a strike or a throw done by a wrestler.

Blood capsules were typically used for fighters to simulate internal injuries occurring during a match, and for fans to be able to see the effect of those injuries.

The way blood capsules work is simple. Wrestlers will wait for a time that they deem appropriate and at that time they will bite down on the capsule.

After they've bitten down on the capsule, blood will immediately leak out into their mouth.

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