Do UFC Fighters Get Paid Monthly? | Easily Explained

Fighter pay has always been a big topic for anyone who is a fan of Mixed Martial Arts.

In this page, we will explain whether or not UFC fighters get paid monthly, and how they get paid.

    Do UFC Fighters Get Paid Monthly?

    Unlike the regular people who have jobs in the corporate world and are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, UFC fighters are only paid after they have actually fought.

    do ufc fighters get paid monthly

    UFC's Pay Structure

    Fighters will receive a 'Show' bonus and a 'Win' bonus, and each of the two bonuses is typically the same amount.

    As long as the fighter shows up to the fight and makes the appropriate weight, the fighter will at a minimum receive their show bonus, ensuring that they will still get paid even if they lose.

    Fighters are also eligible for UFC bonuses that can be awarded at the end of the night if the fighter has an outstanding performance.

    These $50,000 bonuses can be awarded from:

    • Fight of the Night Bonus
    • Performance of the Night Bonus

    Additionally, only for Pay Per View events, fighters can also be eligible for the Fan of the Night Bonus.

    This bonus is voted on by the fans and is a total of $60,000.

    • First place: $30,0000
    • Second place: $20,000
    • Third place: $10,000

    Fighter Pay Can Be Dripped Down

    Although UFC fighters don't get paid monthly, some fighters can have their money earned from fights be 'Dripped' down.

    This simply means that rather than the fighter receiving their money all at once after the fight, they can receive the money split up over time.

    Why Would a Fighter Not Want to Be Paid All at Once?

    You may be wondering why a fighter wouldn't want all of that money all at once, you're not the only one.

    It comes down to a few scenarios.

    • A fighter may not be able to control their spending habits and is trying to avoid spending all of their money at once
    • A fighter would rather have their money spread out to resemble a 'normal salary'
    • A fighter may want to spread their earnings over several years to better deal with taxes (not needing to pay one large amount upfront)

    Urijah Faber Speaks on Dripped Pay

    During the Ultimate Fighter show of Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber, there would be a scene where the pair of fighters were supposed to be assuming the roles of a UFC matchmaker.

    However, the two would continue to banter, this time about business and their fight numbers.

    Faber would tell McGregor:

    You should think about this because you may need a job in a little bit once you spend all that money.

    You might need a job being the matchmaker.

    McGregor would respond to take a look at his new contract, and the two would begin to argue about knowing the numbers that their fights generated.

    Faber would say:

    You don't know sh** about what you got. I just got a paycheck from my Aldo fight last week, it (the fight) was five years ago.

    McGregor would then state:

    I don't get it in a drip. I get it in a chunk. Straight wired into my bank. You get your money dripped.

    That's how you do business. You get a paycheck six years down the line for the Aldo fight because the numbers aren't great, and rightfully so.

    You should only get your money when we feel like paying you.

    You can see the full hilarious exchange below.

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