Who Wins in a Fight Between Joe Rogan vs Dana White? | Explained

Joe Rogan and Dana White have been staples of the UFC for several decades.

Over the years, many fans have wondered what martial arts experience the pair have, and even who would win in a fight between Joe Rogan vs Dana White.

In this page, we will explain who would win, along with their martial arts experience, and where each of them has an advantage.

Joe Rogan vs Dana White

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Who Wins in a Fight Between Joe Rogan vs Dana White?

In a street fight between Joe Rogan and Dana White, despite being the smaller person, Joe Rogan would win the fight due to how well-versed he is in martial arts, both striking and grappling.

Advantage For Rogan

  • Middle to Long Distance Range to Use His Taekwondo and Muay Thai
  • Clinch
  • Grappling
  • Submissions
  • Wrestling

Advantage For White

  • Size & Height - 5'10" vs 5'7"
  • Boxing Experience
  • Staying in Boxing Range

Rogan's Martial Arts Experience

Joe Rogan can absolutely fight as he was a full-contact 4 time Taekwondo state champion in his 20's, and also competed in kickboxing ending with a 2-1 record.

He is also a 10th planet Jiu Jitsu black belt, as well as a black belt in the Gi.

In this video, you can see Rogan delivering his patented reverse/spin sidekick directly to the mid section during one of his Taekwondo tournaments.

This knocked out his opponent immediately to the floor, with instructors tending to his opponent.

George St-Pierre, arguably known as the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time can be seen boasting about Rogan's turning sidekick (reverse side kick) in particular.

I've never seen a strike, a blow from a human being that hard. I remember the bag when you were working in, it was freaking hole in the back.

Regardless of where the fight went (ground, or remained standing up), Rogan would have the advantage as long as he didn't expose himself to Boxing distance.

White's Martial Arts Experience

Dana White would state on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (Episode 327) that before becoming UFC president, he was an amateur Boxer with a record of 13-4 in the Middleweight division.

Additionally, he is formerly a Boxing instructor.

Although White may not have the skills of a professional fighter, White can also hold his own in a fight due to his Boxing experience.

However, seeing as White has primarily only trained Boxing throughout his life, he will be at a significant disadvantage anywhere outside of Boxing range

Dana White Trains to Box Tito Ortiz

The closest that we've been to seeing Dana White actually fight in public is several years ago when White and Ortiz agreed to a boxing match.

It was set to be a 3 round fight, with 10 oz gloves, and headgear.

Although White would train for the boxing fight and even weigh-in, Ortiz would not show up without warning, and the match would be called off.

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