Why Are Jon Jones's Calves So Small? | Easily Explained

Jon Jones's calves are something that has been a hot topic with MMA fans for over a decade now.

In this page we will go over what what the big deal is, as well as what MMA fans and other fighters are saying about it.

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Jon Jones's Calves

Jones has a massive frame at 6 ft 4" with an 84" reach that has allowed him to dominate his opponents.

Despite this, one of his noticeable weaknesses is in his legs, particularly the calf region. His calves are noticeably much skinnier than the rest of his body, which has led to Joe Rogan to call them 'comically thin'.

However, his calves have never negatively affected him in any of his fights, while having 11 successful title defenses.

Despite Jones deciding to move up in weight and consistently lifting, fans have pointed out that everything in his body has grown except his calves.

It will be interesting to see how Jones will handle leg kicks from heavyweights, and whether or not it will compromise him.

Despite saying this, it's a lot easier said than done, as many fighters have tried to do this over the years, only to get taken down by Jones in the fight.

Jones Moving Up to Heavyweight

Jon Jones is one of the greatest Mixed Martial Artists to ever set foot inside of the octagon. He became the youngest champion in the history of the UFC at only 23 years of age, and has dominated the competition for over a decade.

Recently, Jones decided that he would be moving up in weight to the Heavyweight division.

He further went on to explain that he wanted to do it the 'Right way' which meant taking time off, to be able to lift heavy weights and put on the weight with his body being able to be fully adjusted.

He pointed out Alexander Gustafsson moving up to heavyweight and losing, as someone who did not take the proper time to move up and adjust to the weight class.

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