Sean Strickland With Long Hair | Pictures

In this page we will go over what Sean Strickland looks like with long hair, and provide pictures of his different hair styles throughout the years.

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Strickland's Long Hair

Although Strickland has rocked the buzz cut throughout the majority of his UFC career, he used to sport a luscious long hair look!


For those fans who have only seen him fight during his UFC run, it's shocking to see him rock this long hair.

Fun Fact

In 2010, Long haired-Strickland states in the video below that he received his fighting nickname "Tarzan" due to the fact that he has long hair, and he likes to climb trees.


Strickland's Buzz Cut

Although Strickland has been seen publicly with an almost-beard, and at minimum beard stubble, he has been very consistent in keeping the top of his head very short.

You can see in his pre-fight interview against Bubba McDaniel for his UFC debut (almost 10 years ago), that Strickland has his trademark shorter hair.