Did Paul Craig Get a Hair Transplant? | Explained

Paul Craig is known for his intensity and wearing his epic face paint resembling his native country of Scotland during fighter face-offs.

Recently, fans have noticed there was something different about Craig's appearance.

In this page, we will explain if Paul Craig did get a hair transplant.

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Did Paul Craig Get a Hair Transplant?

Yes, Paul Craig did get a hair transplant in late November of 2021. He would announce this by posting on his Instagram with the caption "As the age starts to increase the hairline decreases."

paul craig hair transplant

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, most patients see results between six and nine months after surgery.

For some patients, it can take 12 months.

This timeline adds up, as approximately 8 months after his hair transplant (July of 2022), Craig would face off against Volkan Oezdemir at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Aspinall.

Fans would immediately notice his unexpected wavy, curly long hair during the face-offs and especially during the fight.

Additionally, even his hairline made an epic return.

Pairing all of this with his already-impressive beard, this has lead to a complete transformation of the appearance of the Paul Craig that we've come to know, in his first 13 UFC fights.

Unfortunately Craig would end up losing this fight, but we can confidently say that his newly improved hair has won.

Paul Craig's Hair Before the Transplant

You can see Craig's hair prior to the transplant, as his hairline was receding in the front, and the hairs on the back were thinning.

Losing hair is something that many MMA fighters will experience as they get older, some will shave it all off and go bald, and others will just hold on to it.

However, Craig has shown that a hair transplant could definitely be worth it if you're looking for an alternative to improving your hair.

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