When Did Jorge Masvidal Have Short Hair? | Explained

Jorge Masvidal has had one of the most unique MMA careers, as he soared stardom late in his career.

Throughout his career, he has had several hair styles.

In this page, we will explain when Jorge Masvidal had short hair, and show you what it looked like.

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When Did Jorge Masvidal Have Short Hair?

Jorge Masvidal began his career in 2003 with short hair, and sported the short hair look up to his fight against Stephen Thompson in 2017.

For 14 years, Masvidal rocked a combination of:

  • Buzz cut
  • Fade on the sides and back with the top left a bit longer
  • No haircut, but yet relatively short hair in his Thompson fight

Throughout the majority of his career, both the hair on his head, as well as his facial hair were kept relatively short.

In fact, in his first Professional Mixed Martial Arts fight against Brandon Bledsoe, Masvidal is seen with the shortest hair that you'll ever see him with.

Masvidal would win this fight by way of knockout.

You can find the footage of that bout below.


Masvidal's Appearance Begins to Change

Masvidal's last time rocking his short hair and low beard was against Demian Maia at UFC 211.

In his next fight after that, against Stephen Thompson, Masvidal showed up uncharacteristically with what seemed to be a lack of a haircut.

Masvidal would end up losing to Thompson in a decision, and would take 16 months off.

Masvidal would eventually return to face Darren Till in London, and was noticeably different.

Street Jesus is Born

His hair had been grown out, and his beard was even kept at a much longer length than it had been for most of his career.

Masvidal would end up pulling a massive upset against Till, knocking him out in the second round in front of his home-crowd.

Masvidal would then turn around four months later and face-off against Ben Askren.

Although most fans believed that Askren would use his wrestling to edge Masvidal out on a decision, he had other plans.

Not to mention, Masvidal's hair is fully grown out, to the point where his hair is braided for the fight, and his beard is bushy, but trimmed.

Masvidal would score the quickest knockout in UFC history, knocking Askren out with a flying knee in five seconds.

From that point on, the internet would go crazy, and dub him under the name of 'Street Jesus', in reference to Masvidal's looks and his early-career street fighting days.

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