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In this page, we'll go over why Brock Lesnar would eventually leave the UFC, what the situation was, and how it occurred.

Why Did Brock Lesnar Leave the UFC?

Lesnar would eventually leave the UFC due to receiving a better overall offer by the WWE.

In fact, Lesnar would essentially drive a bidding war between the UFC and the WWE, and he explained that he didn't want to take a pay cut under the UFC's new PPV model.

Lesnar's Struggles Outside of the Cage

Brock Lesnar had recently made his return in a win vs Mark Hunt, however a month later he was notified of receiving a USADA potential doping violation.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed a month afterwards that Lesnar had tested positive for Clomiphene and would be suspended for 1 year.

However two years later, Lesnar was sitting ring-side when Daniel Cormier became the 'Double Champ' by moving up in weight and beating Stipe Miocic for the Heavyweight Championship, while Cormier also was the Light Heavyweight Champion.

Lesnar would storm into the cage afterwards, and tell the crowd that he had just watched a disaster of heavyweights.

Cormier and Lesnar would eventually both push each other, and they would be separated by officials.

After this chaos, fans all believed that this was the fight to make, and that it would be Cormier's next fight.

However, the UFC and Lesnar weren't able to come to terms, and Lesnar would sign back with the WWE for a better offer.

Stepping Away From the UFC Multiple Times

Lesnar has stepped away from the UFC multiple times however, and the first time wasn't his choice.

He suffered a bout with diverticulitis, a gastrointestinal disease that severely affect the health of Lesnar, to the point where officials were concerned if he would ever be able to return.

He was able to eventually able to overcome it, or at the very least manage it for a while.

However, after his fight versus Cain Velasquez, Lesnar would announce his retirement as he endured another bout with diverticulitis.

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