Why is TJ Dillashaw Called a Snake? | Easily Explained

Although TJ Dillashaw is an extremely talented Mixed Martial Artist, he has done some things in his career that has rubbed others the wrong way.

In this page, we will explain why TJ Dillashaw is often called a snake by others.

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Why is TJ Dillashaw Called a Snake?

During the McGregor vs Faber Ultimate Fighter show, McGregor would call TJ Dillashaw "A Snake in the Grass" due to sensing disloyalty from Dillashaw towards Faber.

Dillashaw at that point began training at two different gyms at the same time, and McGregor could see where it was headed before Faber could.

tj dillashaw snake

When Snake in the Grass Started

While the two teams were waiting to take a photo shoot, McGregor would repeatedly ask where "The Snake in the Grass" was.

Faber would mention that "TJ is here with us", and McGregor with quickly respond "With us? He ain't with you".

McGregor would choose these words to describe Dillashaw, as he sensed disloyalty from Dillashaw to Faber.

During this time Dillashaw was splitting his time training between two gyms, Duane Ludwig's gym and Urijah Faber's gym.

McGregor would say that Faber needs to realize what's happening, that someone is infiltrating his gym and trying to take what Faber has.


Ultimately McGregor would be proven correct, as Dillashaw would end up leaving Team Alpha Male.

Due to this, as well as each person having a completely different perspective as to what exactly happened, Dillashaw and Faber would have problems with each other for years to come.

Dillashaw Gets a Snake Tattoo

Despite all of this, Dillashaw would embrace this new nickname, and even get a snake tattoo on his arm.


Faber's History With Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw is someone who Urijah Faber would recruit out of high school, and would have a long history with.

Faber owns the gym Team Alpha Male, and Dillashaw would join that gym and be a part of the gym for several years.

The two would become so close that Dillshaw would be in Faber's corner when Faber would fight for a world championship.

However, Duane Ludwig who at the time was Team Alpha Male & Dillashaw's striking coach would leave and start his own gym to create his own brand.

Dillashaw would ultimately split his time between Ludwig's new team and Faber's team.

2 months after Ludwig would announce his departure, Dillashaw would win the UFC Bantamweight championship.

Dillashaw would eventually leave Team Alpha Male completely, and the UFC would make the Ultimate Fighter Show revolve around this story.

Dillashaw Suspended For Doping

In 2019, Dillashaw would drop down from the Bantamweight division (135 lbs) to the Flyweight division (125 lbs), to attempt to become a double champion.

However, his opponent Henry Cejudo would derail those plans as he would dismantle Dillashaw in only 32 seconds of the first round.

Although the loss was bad, what came out afterwards was much worse.

Dillashaw had popped for 'EPO', an Performance Enhancing Drug that is most famous for being used by Lance Armstrong.

Dillashaw would be suspended for 2 years, and vacate his Bantamweight championship (he lost at 125 lbs vs Cejudo, but had not lost at 135 lbs).

Although Dillashaw would later explain that he took this PED to make the Flyweight limit as his body was failing him, former TAM teammates would have a different story.

Former TAM teammate and now rival Cody Garbrandt would say that Dillashaw had been on EPO for years, and "wouldn't be half the fighter he was without it".

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